30 Cute Sandals To Buy Right Now, Just Because

Styling: By Far Floral Sandals, $536

Last week I wore my first pair of sandals of the season unapologetically in the east coast weather. Not once did I need to carry around an extra pair of boots or closed-toe shoes—spring really is here! I could go immediately buy a cold latte with extra ice to celebrate, but I’m ushering in the arrival of good weather the way I know best—shopping for sandals. 

Not that anyone really needs a reason to buy cute shoes—I think anytime is the best time for shoe browsing—but you can’t deny it feels extra relevant right now. Below, I’ve scoured the depths of the internet to bring you 30 of the most visually pleasing pairs out there. Since color is the name of the game right in terms of trends, I’ve included lots of strappy heels and flats in shades like tangerine, ocean blue, and marigold. But fans of neutrals can relax—there are also stunning sandals in shades of chocolate and black too. 

You don’t need a crystal ball to tell you these will be your go-to neutral heels all season.

Now that platform thong sandals are no longer as controversial, it’s finally time to invest in a pair.

The price on this pair is ridiculously affordable.

Classic and cute.

Ready for all your floral dress needs.

I can imagine this is what walking on air looks like.

The delicious early aughts influence is not lost on me.

Colored PVC sandals are a big item this year.

My feet will never complain about a platform heel.

I’m in utter disbelief that these are only $42.

These are a dupe for a fashion set favorite, and a really good buy if I say so.

The quintessential pair of office sandals. 

While the silhouette is minimal, the color is certainly attention-grabbing.

The definition of fun.

I’m welcoming wedge sandals with open arms all 2022.

Meet your new favorite party sandals.

The braided strap feels so elegant.

Obsessed is an understatment.

Translucent sandals are great for trips because they go with everything.

These will meet my The Row demands on a shoestring budget.

Sandals that rival the most revered sculptures.

Fancy fancy.

According to my colleagues, fisherman sandals are set to trend hard this summer, so might as well get on it early.

These would look so pretty with light wash denim.

This color is unmatched.

I don’t even love Birkenstocks but I’m going crazy for these.

If you’re working with a little more of a budget, might I suggest these?

A true fashion girl sandal.

Now presenting, my dream sandals.

Just too good to ignore.

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