49 Emerging Fashion Brands on Our Radar for Fall 2021

Real talk: I love discovering emerging fashion brands. For my social circle, that passion can be both a blessing (I’m basically their personal shopper) and a curse (for their credit cards). But as a fashion editor, I find nothing more thrilling than discovering an incredible pair of knee-high boots or identifying a new brand on every cool influencer at fashion week. Of course, not everyone shares this affinity for scrolling through the internet’s endless shops to find the next It brand. It takes a helluva lot of patience and time. To take the stress out of the hunt, I’ve rounded up 49 emerging brands I’m betting big on this fall. Get ready. Here’s your chance to shop them before everyone else. All of the products featured are available for purchase via the Shop app, powered by Shopify, and have been independently selected by Who What Wear editors for this article.

Not going to lie: The first time I stumbled upon sculptural heels from AM:PM, I gasped. Founded by Edna Konadu in 2020, this London-based, Black-owned shoe brand specializes in contemporary heels that any footwear fanatic would want to add to their collection.

You know a brand is on the rise when the fashion set starts wearing it in droves. Such is the case with Tae Park. Founded in 2020 by Taehee Park, the Brooklyn-based label specializes in sought-after knitwear and vintage-inspired pieces that nod to Park’s Korean heritage.

Trust us when we say the next big It bag is coming from the Black-owned handbag brand Ciriaco. 

As an editor, I can tell you not all online shopping sites are great—but Maimoun is. Its curation of emerging designers is *chef’s kiss.* 

Who doesn’t love a good pair of statement pants? Especially when it’s from rising female-owned brand Rezek Studio. 

Not to be too biased, but trust me when I say shopping our very own Who What Wear Collection is a must. 

There have been quite a few viral It bags over the last few years, but none hold as much meaning as Cise’s PBP tote. The Black-owned accessories brand is a must-shop for anyone looking to let their wardrobe speak to their values. 

What happens when a Jamaican Canadian designer starts a footwear brand? You get the most stunning shell-embellished sandals. Téjahn Burnett’s infusion of her heritage into her footwear designs makes her brand stand out among the rest to shop right now.

Some emerging fashion brands take time to blow up, while others come out swinging. For Miaou, it was the latter. You’ve most likely spotted this sultry female-founded brand on the likes of Bella Hadid and Megan Fox. But the fanfare does not end with stars. I can personally attest that a Miaou piece is a must-have for any fashion lover.

If you’re looking to support a Black- and female-owned fashion brand, look no further than Edas. Founded by Sade Mims in 2013, the Brooklyn-based label specializes in one-of-a-kind accessories that any collector would want. 

At some point, you’ve probably scrolled past an influencer wearing this exact top. What you might not have known, though, is that it comes from the rising Latinx ready-to-wear brand Simonett. From creating unique pieces to curating other designers, this is one brand you’ll want to support for years to come.  

Feeling Zara fatigue? Allow us to introduce you to the brand that rivals the mass retailer, Source Unknown. Founded in 2020, the emerging brand has affordable trendy pieces that you can’t find anywhere else. 

Not to be that hype girl, but the Black-owned, NYC-based accessories brand Brandon Blackwood is everything. I own two handbags from this brand (looking to buy more), and they are by far some of the best relatively attainable luxury pieces.

Lirika Matoshi started as a handmade-accessories brand back in 2016 but since then has expanded to ready-to-wear pieces. It’s become popular among the fashion set for good reason. Who wouldn’t want a quirky crystal top or sequin strawberry tulle dress? 

As an editor, I regularly get asked if things are worth buying. When it comes to With Jéan, the answer is always a resounding yes. While the Australian-based, female-founded brand was started in 2017, the brand has found a cult following among the fashion set over the past two years. And with great staple dresses and fun tops, it’s hard not to love this brand. 

Founded in 2015 by Jennifer DeSpain, Trois the Label dreams up sultry yet sophisticated staples that any fashionphile would gawk over. 

For some brands—even the most iconic—it can take 10 years to break into cult status, but Black-owned brand Farai London was met with fanfare from its inception in 2020. Designed in East London by Maryann Msengi, the brand’s showstopping cutout dresses have caught the eyes of stars such as Kylie Jenner and Jordyn Woods. You’ll want to keep an eye on this brand.

Your search for the perfect statement bag is over. If you don’t know about Sabrina Zeng, allow us to introduce you to this emerging handbag brand. Founded in New York City in 2013 by Yuanwen Sabrina Zeng, the handbag brand has reenvisioned what sustainable luxury looks like with its eco-friendly yet utterly fashionable bags. 

There’s a specific clothing struggle that only women with bigger busts can understand. That’s what led founder Alice Kim to start PerfectDD in 2020. Aiming to create staple pieces made for bustier women, this brand is a must-shop for anyone struggling to find a top that doesn’t unbutton itself mid-meeting. 

You know that feeling of heartbreak when you find the perfect pair of vintage jeans that doesn’t fit? Or how about when you find the perfect pair of leather pants, but they’re way too expensive? Enter Revice Denim. Founded by Shai Sudry in2016, the Los Angeles–based denim brand is here to cure all your denim woes with its affordable, vintage-inspired, unique jeans. As an avid fan of this brand, I have to tell you every pair is perfection. 

One of my favorite things about being an editor is finding emerging fashion brands, especially those created by Black designers. I’m always rooting for them. Lately, I’ve been fangirling, rooting for, and obsessing about Rouhi. The London-based brand specializes in affordable, unique, ready-to-wear pieces that I need (not want) to get my hands on ASAP. 

Not all emerging fashion brands are creating new things—some are taking the “old” and making them new. Case in point: The Series NY. Founded by Ella Wiznia in 2016, the brand has become beloved among the fashion set for its unique take on upcycling old quilts, throws, and denim. It’s giving a whole new meaning to the phrase “This old thing?”

Not to toot Who What Wear editors’ own horns, but long before Megan Fox was spotted wearing handbag brand JW Pei, we were telling you to buy it. Founded in 2016, this vegan handbag brand has become a powerhouse staple among celebrities and editors alike. If you have not purchased a bag yet, now’s your chance. 

One of the few bright sides to come out of the pandemic is the new set of brands started in 2020, including made-to-order jewelry brand Emri. Based out of NYC and created by Natalynn Chun, it creates one-of-a-kind pieces that can brighten your mood, no matter the circumstances. Who wouldn’t want to inject a little joy into their life via some jewels? 

What happens when a fashion veteran decides to start their own label? You get Eikō Ai. Founded in 2016 by Gloria Lladó, the Barcelona-based brand melds Japanese-inspired craftsmanship with contemporary design elements to create jaw-dropping pieces unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. 

Fashion has not always been inclusive, but Wray is working to change that. Founded in 2015 by Wray Serna, this New York–based brand has made its mark creating size-inclusive clothing that anyone would want to wear. There are no ugly ruffles or prints here; you’ll find pieces inspired by fine art and staples you can wear for seasons to come. 

When you don’t see yourself represented in high fashion, it can be demoralizing. For fashion stylist Neumi Anekhe, it was a call to action that led her to found Oma the Label. The New York City–based jewelry brand is not only creating demi-fine jewelry pieces but also redefining what luxury looks like, one piece at a time.

The first time I spotted a Clio Peppiatt design, my heart skipped a beat. In 2015, Clio Peppiatt, the London-based Parisian, worked with a group of highly skilled artisans to create hand-beaded and hand-embroidered pieces made from upcycled sequins and beads. The result is jaw-dropping corsets, minidresses, and ready-to-wear pieces that can make any fashion editor stop mid-scroll.

ICYMI, the resin-jewelry trend has been poppin’ off for a hot minute. And while there are a plethora of brands creating dope jewelry, none have been leading the charge quite like the AAPI-owned brand Bonbonwhims. Founded in 2020 by Clare Ngai, the brand has become beloved among celebrities such as Olivia Rodgrio and the fashion set at large. 

Do you know that über-cool fashion influencer on Instagram who is always donning eclectic pieces? I’m betting they probably love Holiday the Label. Founded by Sydney-based designer Emma Mulholland in 2013, the brand specializes in pieces inspired by the ’80s and ’90s. The result is a collection that can make any fashion lover both nostalgic and in need a good splurge. 

I’m just going to say it: The best trends are started by emerging fashion brands. And one brand I foresee leading the charge in the coming years is Avnu. Founded by Nareasha Willis in 2016, the streetwear-inspired label applies fresh takes to fashion staples, making them prime for the spotlight. 

Candidly speaking, I’m quite the jewelry fiend. I’m always on the lookout for pieces to splurge on or new jewelry brands, so I was smitten when I learned about Joey Baby NYC. Founded by Joey Wong in 2020, the brand specializes in affordable, fashionable pieces worth adding to any collection.

Founded by the Swedish duo Linda and Adam Friberg in 2017, Avavav creates small-batch sustainable statement pieces that will turn heads. 

You know the adage “labor of love,” well, designer Letesha Renee gives it a whole new meaning with her genderless label, Eugene Taylor, founded in 2015. Each piece, from the corsets to the knitwear, is handmade in the designer’s home, so you know you’re genuinely supporting a rising designer when you buy from the brand. 

Are you searching for an eco-friendly jewelry brand? Look no further than Serendipitous Project. Founded by Sydney Ziems in 2019, this Black-owned brand upcycles everything from seashells to vintage designer pieces for truly one-of-a-kind pieces.

Relatively speaking, very few brands make history, but I feel that won’t be the case for House of Aama. The brand was founded by mother-daughter duo Rebecca Henry and Akua Shabaka in 2015, and each unisex piece is handmade in Los Angeles. But what truly makes this brand special is how Black folklore and history inspire each collection—making it an homage to history itself. 

It’s widely known that while we may all love the way heels look, we don’t love the way they feel. Designer Amina Means is working to change that with her luxury footwear brand, Nalebe. She founded it in 2018 after spraining her ankle. She uses the same luxury factories as our favorite high-end brands but designs her shoes for comfort. The result is shoes you can walk around in without sacrificing style. 

Trust me when I say your new favorite staple wardrobe piece will likely be coming from Aknvas. Founded in 2018 by Danish designer Christian Juul Nielsen, the womenswear brand is known for its contemporary takes on timeless staples.

I’m not the biggest fan of denim, but the first time I spotted EB Denim’s cutout chain jeans, I knew my feelings were about to change. Founded by Elena Bonvicini in 2016, this brand has stolen my heart because of its eye-catching designs and its sustainable practices. Each pair of jeans uses upcycled denim, meaning it not only looks good but it’s also good for the planet. 

Let’s be real: There are so many handbag brands out there, and knowing which ones are worth investing in can be tough. Personally, I’d say when in doubt, buying from the AAPI-owned bag brand Apede Mod is never a bad call.

When it comes to jewelry, there’s no better gift for your partner. But if you’re looking to skip the bigger-name brands and support an emerging demi-fine jewelry brand, look no further than Third Crown. The Black-owned brand was founded in 2013 by couple Kristin and Kofi Essel to create stunning geometric pieces that you and your boo can wear. 

Knitwear is in almost everyone’s closet, but fashion veterans Phyllis Chan and Suzzie Chung have reimagined this staple with their label YanYan. Founded in 2019, this brand is special because it infuses the founders’ Chinese heritage, which results in eclectic knitwear you can’t find anywhere else. 

Fine-jewelry brand Mateo New York may be one of the older and possibly more established brands in this roundup, but it’s still worth adding to your radar. Founded by Jamaican-born Matthew Harris in 2009, the brand’s fresh take on men’s and women’s fine jewelry has caught the eyes of editors everywhere. 

Upcycling has always been a thing, but emerging brands like Rentrayage have brought a whole new life to it within the fashion industry. Founded by Erin Beatty in 2019, the luxury label has been working to destigmatize “old” clothing by reworking it into stunning contemporary ready-to-wear pieces and is leading the way in reenvisioning what sustainable fashion is.

Long before everyone was using CGI for virtual fashion shows, emerging brand Hanifa was doing it. Founded in 2012 by Anifa Mvuemba, this Black-owned ready-to-wear label has stayed ahead of the game. Just look to its integration of technology, its inclusive sizing, or how its bold designs have caught the eyes of celebrities such as Gabrielle Union as proof. It’s only a matter of time before Hanifa is the next big brand, and don’t say we didn’t tell you first. 

Some of the best designers come from Los Angeles. Case in point: For Those Who Sin. Founded in 2017, this brand, since its inception, has been killing it with both the fashion set and celebrity couples such as Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox.  Frankly, we get the hype with pieces like these revolver earrings—TDF. 

Another emerging fashion brand to have on your radar? Brielle. Founded by Gabrielle Szynkarsky in 2018, the brand takes inspiration from nature (both with its use of natural fabrics and aesthetics) to create stunning conceptual statement pieces. 

Consider yourself a Parisienne at heart? Then you’ll want to know about (and shop) the brand La Femme Apéro. It was founded by now NYC-based friends and designers Léa Enderlin and Sarah Lequimener. And it specializes in sustainably and ethically made pieces that strike the perfect balance between trendy and timeless. 

If you’ve made it this far, you know by now there are so many great emerging fashion brands to support, and while it may be overwhelming, just remember that it’s always a great call to invest in them. You’ll be not only helping a rising designer, but you can find pieces no one else owns. After all, who wouldn’t want to wear a small-batch pearl necklace from the sustainable jewelry brand Above Average Studio? It’s a no-brainer if you ask us. 

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