5 Cool Emerging Trends I Found at H&M, Zara, and Mango

I love a niche shopping find, but there’s also a specific satisfaction in being able to walk into any store and find the exact trend you’re looking for. Most trends are first born on the runways or exhibited on Instagram for the world to see, so it usually takes some time before they eventually trickle down to the mass retail set. But to my surprise, a few of my go-to shops are already hot on some emerging trends currently making waves. 

The trends in question? Flared pants and funky geometric patterns are two of the bubbling styles slowly gaining momentum. And in terms of the colors of the season, the brighter and more vivid, the better. Before I give it all away, keep scrolling to see the full list along with my personal shopping recommendations for each trend. 

What’s old is new again, so bring out your best ’70s-inspired bell-bottoms and coordinate away. Patterned flares are particularly popular on Instagram, but I get pink patterned pants may not be everyone’s cup of tea, so I’ve gathered some chic neutral options for you too.

In my S/S 22 pattern trend recap, I pointed out that geometric prints were due for a moment, and it’s finally here. There’s really no way to be subtle with this, but we all love a statement.

I would never consider a cardigan date-night attire, but I seriously wore one for a fancy night on the town last week. Inspired byJacquemus’s latest runway collection, the sweater is tinier, cooler, and more seductive than ever. Wear it with loose pants or a column skirt for added drama.

Good news if you can’t stand wearing tights—maxi-length knit dresses (basically floor-length) are here to save the day. Finally, you don’t have to choose between being warm and looking cute.

Color—of all saturated varieties—is officially supplanting neutrals this season. Think bold, audacious hues worn color-blocked to your heart’s content.

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