6 Grandma Trends That Will Be Huge for Fall

Remember when the term “dressing like a grandma” was an insult? If only we could all look so chic. Because fashion is one giant cycle, the trends of yesteryear are currently making a comeback—a big one at that.  Namely, the trends making a splash are the pieces you’d likely find buried in your grandma’s closet right now. Think thick-rimmed, oversize sunglasses and cozy knits with a side of colorful crochet. 

Since we already brought you the ones that were blowing up for summer, today, I’m delving into the retro trends the fashion set will be clamoring for come September. Each brings a particular flair that really sets an outfit apart from the cookie-cutter norm. And while they take inspiration from the past, how people are styling them in the present feels right on the mark for today. Keep scrolling to see all six grandma trends I expect to see a lot more of and to add them to your own closet ASAP. 

The handicraft aesthetic has been slowly gaining momentum since earlier this spring and shows no signs of stopping ahead of fall. Crochet, in particular, has been a major part of the trend, with the core pieces being cardigans and vests that look as if your grandma knitted them by hand. Of course, in reality, crochet jeans from Free People are a world away from the homemade creations from your grandma, but they still offer a personal touch. From hats to scarves and pants, the name of the game is all things crochet.

Still in love with your sweater-vest from last season? Good—the preppy-meets-grandma trend is here for another round, courtesy of the fashion set. Whether cable-knit, printed, cropped, or oversize, sweater-vests are a fun piece to add if you’re in need of a light layer to effortlessly transition into colder temperatures. To keep it from looking too on the nose, pair it with jeans and heeled booties.

Looking back at childhood pictures, I could swear my grandma owned a pair of sunglasses just like this. Dark, thick-rimmed glasses have reemerged as a bona fide trend thanks to brands like Lexxola, Gucci, and Loewe. It’s a cool nod to the past but also a strong accessory to jazz up a basic blazer or button-down.

Big collars are usually associated with tights, oversize glasses, and grandmas who have an affinity for knitting (just me?), but as of late, fashion people are itching to add this dramatic detail to the top of every fall outfit. It adds visual interest to your look, and you can typically find pretty versions at every price point. For those looking to give this trend a test-drive, try a detachable collar that can be worn along with any sweater or top.

Now, you and your grandma have one more thing in common: knitted cardigans. Once a staple for grandparents who like to grab the early bird special, cardigans now feel just as stylish and fresh as they did decades ago. The key is to style them with cropped tops or bralettes—an interesting, kitschy pattern also helps. 

Somewhere out there, someone’s grandma has a house full of wallpaper just like this. Ditsy prints meet at the intersection of sweet and old-timey, but the floral pattern has recently become a cool style statement beyond its connections to grandmas around the globe. ACNE Studios featured the print within its fall collection, and similarly, other brands have adopted ditsy prints in pieces like midi skirts and prairie dresses. Consider it a more fall-appropriate way to wear florals.

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