6 Lingerie Trends That Will Never Die

If you read Who What Wear on the reg, you know that lately there has been a seemingly endless string of “complicated” lingerie trend to try out. While I’m all for experimenting with the most out-there trends and generally embrace being “extra,” there’s still one part of my wardrobe that likes to stick to the classics, and that’s my lingerie drawer. No matter which bra and underwear styles I come across while shopping, I always find myself gravitating toward classic lingerie trends over fleeting ones. (Yes, underwear styles go through the same trend cycles as clothes and shoes do.)

To find out which lingerie trends are virtually immortal, I reached out to a person who knows about lingerie probably better than anyone: Victoria’s Secret Angel Martha Hunt. Between walking the in VS Fashion Show and modeling for the brand nonstop, she’s seen and tested out her fair share of lingerie trends, and she shared with me which six she thinks will always be in style. From the everlasting prints to the colors and materials to stock up on, keep reading to find out which lingerie trends will really never die, according to Hunt.

“Whether you are showing off your bra straps or pajama dressing, I think showing off your lingerie will never go out of style.”

“They’re so versatile. You can wear them under sheer dresses, jeans, blazers. There are so many different ways you can style a bodysuit. They’ll never go out of style.”

“Whether it is animal print or polka dots, prints in lingerie will always be in style. VS has printed pj pants and panties that I love!”

“It doesn’t matter if it is a lace bodysuit or lace trim on a bra. Lace is so classic to lingerie.”

“Colorful lingerie will never go out of style. It is an easy way to refresh your wardrobe each season.”

“Embellishments on lingerie, such as shine details or studs—these details make your lingerie exciting to wear and show off.”

This post was published on an earlier date and has since been updated. Next up, check out the three best bras ever according to real women

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