6 Outdated Spring Accessory Trends and 6 That Are Fresher Than Ever

Spring has begun, and despite the occasional chilly days, we’re already getting our warm-weather wardrobes prepped. After months of being inside, we’re eager to get our hands on the latest spring trends because, yes, they’re that good. When it comes to accessories, there’s a range of standouts we’re particularly eager to test out this season. Alternatively, there are a few counterparts we still have a love for but might consider storing away for the time being.

Today, we’re highlighting the accessory trends, from hats to shoes, that we’re embracing this spring. We’re also sharing the items that might not get as much play for us currently. Keep scrolling for a bit of visual and shopping inspo showcasing the trends we’re eager to try. But remember, if you’re in love with something that we’re not as into right now, by all means, continue to wear it. (We’re sure you’ll look great in it.) 

Wearing: Chunky Jewelry
Not Wearing as Much: Dainty Jewelry

“Once a craze, stacks of dainty rings have become more of a classic look than a trend, and I don’t have room for them on my fingers right now because they’re covered with chunky gold and plastic rings.” — Ally Payer, Senior Editor

Wearing: Platforms
Not Wearing as Much: Thong Heels

“There will always be a place for a strappy pair of sandals in my closet, but lately, I’ve been trying to level things up with platforms, which are surprisingly wearable.” — Anna LaPlaca, Associate Editor

Wearing: Retro Eyewear
Not Wearing as Much: Tiny Sunglasses

“While they’re still certainly around, I’m putting aside those super-tiny sunglasses in favor of oversize and retro-feeling silhouettes.” — Bobby Schuessler, Senior Editor

Wearing: Practical Bags
Not Wearing as Much: Tiny Bags

“I eagerly jumped on the tiny-bags train when it was in full steam, but now, I’m thinking about practicality more than pure aesthetics. Not being able to fit all of your essentials is no fun when you’re on the go, so I’m opting for bags that are roomy yet still geometrically captivating.” — Indya Brown, Market Editor

Wearing: Printed Bucket Hats
Not Wearing as Much: Padded Headbands

“While I still love the look of padded headbands, I’m definitely not wearing them as much as I used to. Instead, I’m really into bucket hats—especially ones that come in cool prints.” — Judith Jones, Senior Market Editor

Wearing: Revenge Heels
Not Wearing as Much: Simple Shoes

“While I love and cherished my steady rotation of flatform shoes and simple sneakers, I am beyond excited to embrace ‘revenge heels‘. Please give me the platforms, give me the colors, give me the sequins—I want to wear heels that embody the life of the party and can celebrate making it through the past year.” — Jasmine Fox-Suliaman, Audience Engagement Editor

Wearing: Pearls
Not Wearing as Much: Chunky Gold Chain

“Don’t get me wrong—chunky gold chains are something I’ll always keep in my jewelry drawer. But lately, I’ve been having more fun with pearls or beads as the main focus of my jewelry.”—Yusra Siddiqui, Assistant Market Editor

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