And Now, 5 Curls You Didn’t Know You Could Create With a Straightener

Like most everyone last year, I had to learn to be flexible with my beauty routine. I swapped the nail salon for at-home manis, put facials on pause for DIY treatments, and even ditched the hair salon. It meant no fancy treatments, no fresh blowouts or styles, no feeling like I just walked out of an ad campaign, absolutely nothing. This made me realize that I needed to invest in a hair tool that was versatile and would give me the same post-salon feeling I was missing—even in a post-pandemic world (whenever that might be). All of my research led me to none other than the Dyson Corrale™ Hair Straightener ($500).

Trust me when I say this straightener is not your average hair tool. It checks off all the boxes and more, which warrants the price tag if you ask me. For starters, it uses intelligent heat control, which essentially responds to the thickness, texture, and length of your hair and automatically controls the temperature for optimal styling results. The flexing plates shape around the hair, gathering it neatly together on each pass for more control, meaning you can achieve the same style with less heat and up to half the damage compared to conventional solid plates. Oh, and did I mention that it’s cord-free? With up to 30 minutes of cord-free run time! (Side note: Whenever it’s not in use, keep it in the charging dock to maximize its cord-free run time.) If that’s not enough to convince you of its true value, then maybe seeing content creator Keri Fay create five different curl and wave types using the Dyson Corrale will. 

This is Fay pre-waves and post-straightening her hair with the Dyson Corrale. “I have used some nice hot tools, but nothing has compared to this,” she says. “It’s so advanced and unlike anything I have ever used. Aside from using less heat on my hair, the cord-free feature is a game changer. I also love that I can keep it plugged in to its charging dock on my vanity when it’s not in use.” 

“Start at the roots, and place hair in the center of the plates. Rotate the straightener 360 degrees away from your face, slowly working your way down. Stop once you’re almost at the end, as you want to keep this piece straight to give off a more effortless beachy vibe.”  — Fay 

“Start at the roots, and place the Dyson Corrale vertically on your hair. Add a section of hair to the center of the plates, and continually rotate the straightener away from your face as you glide it down slowly to the ends.” — Fay 

“Start at the roots. Place the Dyson Corrale horizontally on your hair. Add a small section of hair to the center so the flexing plates can gather it. Turn your wrist inward and pull down. Then turn your wrist outward and pull down.” — Fay

“This is very similar to the spiral curl, except instead of placing the Dyson Corrale vertically on your hair, you want to place it horizontally to add more volume and bounce. Again, start at the roots, and add a section of hair in the center of the plates. Continually rotate the straightener away from your face as you glide it down slowly to the ends.” — Fay

“For this, you want to start by creating an S-like shape with your hair. Starting at your roots, place the hair in the center of the plates, clamp down, and hold for a few seconds. Slowly glide the Dyson Corrale down to the next section of hair on the same strand and repeat the previous steps until you get to the end.” — Fay. Still on the fence about the Dyson Corrale because of the $500 price tag? We created a cost-per-style calculator below to show you just how smart of an investment it is. Not only can you straighten your hair, but you can create multiple other hairstyles using it—and feel good about it too. Essentially, the more styles you’re able to create with the Dyson Corrale, the more the overall price per style goes down. 

Want even more ways you can use the Dyson Corrale? See three fresh ways fashion people are styling their hair right now. 

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