Behold: 20 Big-Ticket Beauty Items I’ve Waited All Dang Year to Buy on Sale

I’m super type A when it comes to beauty products. I keep written lists (because I’m old school) stashed in my vanity drawers detailing all of my favorite products in different categories: hair, skincare, makeup, bodycare, tools, fragrance… heck, even candles. It’s a little OTT, but then again, hundreds of beauty products cross my path on a monthly basis, and I have to have some sort of organized way of A) remembering which products I need to tell all of you about and B) which products are so good they’re worth a re-buy once I run out. Oh, and here’s another interesting tidbit: an absurd number of these must-have beauty items can be purchased with an effortless click or two on Dermstore’s website. The thing is, since I, unfortunately, have pretty expensive taste where beauty is concerned, constantly restocking can be an uncomfortable jolt to my bank account, and over the years, I’ve learned to be much more strategic about when and where I buy my products. 

You probably already know where I am going with this, but sales—really epic sales, in particular—are my favorite time to go balls-to-the-wall with all of my product restocking. I’m currently knee-deep in empties, so the fact that Dermstore’s May Summer Event has finally arrived couldn’t feel more opportune. From May 24 to June 1, you can snag 10%, 15%, and even 20% off tons of the retailer’s most sought-after labels, and you can score double points on purchases you make from other brands that aren’t offering discounts. So yes, it’s time to have a field day and shop until you drop! Simply use the code SALEAWAY at checkout to save. Keep scrolling for 20 big-ticket items sitting in my shopping cart.

On days when I wake up with puffy, irritated skin (which seems to happen more often once summer rolls around), nothing calms my skin faster or more effectively than these hydrogel face masks. I love that they don’t slip and slide down my face, and the key ingredient, caffeine, leaves my complexion looking firm and fit. It’s the ultimate summer skin ritual. 

I’m all about upping my hair-masking routine in the summer when my dry, bleached strands crave an extra dose of TLC. This mask from Briogeo checks every single box, leaving my hair lustrous, soft, and superbly hydrated.

This is one of the few facial oils I’ve tried that don’t congest my acne-prone skin. It’s noncomedogenic so you don’t have to worry about clogged pores, it’s ultra lightweight, and it’s the ultimate multitasker thanks to its moisture-retaining, pigment-fading, and wrinkle-reducing perks. 

This mascara is next-level, and it’s pretty high-tech as far as mascaras go. It’s twistable, so the first position elongates the brush to encourage extension-like length with curl, while the second position is more about drama and volume. (But don’t worry; there’s no clumping!)

I can’t wait to get my hands on this oil-free, firming serum from Caudalíe. My skin has a hard time handling retinol, so the fact that this epic blend is said to be twice more effective in the firming and smoothing department has me absolutely giddy. The key ingredient players include resveratrol (a powerful antioxidant), hyaluronic acid, and a vegan collagen alternative for a super-plump finish.

Does anything sound dreamier than a rose-infused and -scented spray that will also beef up summer strands with an extra hit of bounce and volume?

I’ve been in the market for a new sunscreen, and this top-rated formula from Dermalogica has been waiting in my cart ever since Rebel Wilson told me she swears by it.

I could survive all summer on mascara and highlighter alone, and this clean option from Ilia is the absolute best for glowing, dewy, all-around healthy-looking skin. Try it and beware: Lifelong addiction will quickly follow suit!

Kayo is such a dreamy brand, and it pretty much makes up 90% of my bodycare stash right now in L.A. You can’t go wrong with any of its beautiful formulas, but this skin-firming body serum is the one I keep running out of. I’m stalking up while it’s on sale so I don’t have to worry about running out this season. 

Speaking of the beauty products celebrities have recommended firsthand—Priyanka Chopra Jonas (who just might have the most beautiful skin on earth?) spilled the beans that this gentle skin cleanser from Obagi is part of her go-to nightly skincare regimen.

I once saw Violet Grey’s former beauty director Maureen Choi use this in real time during an Instagram try-on, and the results were seriously jaw-dropping. The one side of her lips she used it on was plump, pert, and line-free, and I immediately knew this handy little device would be the one product that could rival my love for actual lip filler.

Hairstylists and colorists always wax poetic about the importance of a good clarifying shampoo in any person’s hair routine, but so many formulas are harsh and leave my fragile hair stripped of color and dry as straw. Not good! This one from Philip B is the exception. It’s made with clean, wholesome ingredients that thoroughly cleanse and de-gunk your scalp and strands while indulging your locks with lots of shine, hydration, and bounce. It’s one of my favorite hair products of all time, and I can never have enough on hand. I recommend it to everyone.

As someone who has always felt spiritually allergic to salt and wave sprays—I absolutely despise the feeling of crunchy, sticky goo in my hair—I have found this relatively new alternative from R+Co to be the ultimate game changer. It effortlessly delivers beachy, natural-looking waves without the aforementioned goo and with tons of strand-loving ingredients that will actually enhance the shine, color, and stamina of summer hair. 

My beloved silk pillowcases from Slip are definitely one of my most prized beauty possessions. That said, frequent washing and nightly love have me needing to restock my haul every year or so. They are quite spendy due to how high-quality they are—you get what you pay for with silk pillowcases—so Dermstore’s May Summer Event is the ultimate time to re-up your stash.

Meet the one hair product I have used religiously ever since a colorist recommended it to me six years ago. I have tried every leave-in and detangling elixir on the market, and nothing compares to how miraculously this one cuts through snarls (you won’t lose one strand of hair during your comb-through) while also delivering a megawatt hit of shine, strength, and all-around hair magic. Oh, and it smells off-the-charts good. I’ve gotten everyone in my life—from my mom to my friends—onto it.

I just can’t with serums that feel heavy, cloying, or oily, especially in the hot and sweaty summer months. This is my be-all-and-end-all hyaluronic serum because it brightens, hydrates, and basically performs witchcraft on my acne-prone skin while feeling so gloriously light on my complexion. It sinks in almost instantly, which makes it great for layering, and still provides all the benefits you crave from a top-notch serum investment. I’ve gone through about five bottles and will be ordering about five more while I can get double points.

I’ve never met an Olaplex product I haven’t liked, and I credit the brand’s array of bond-strengthening hair elixirs with keeping all of my bleached hair on my head despite the stress I put it through. This mask is the newest kid on the Olaplex block and next on my need-to-try radar.

I’ve gone on and on (and on and on) about how much good Dr. Dennis Gross’s OG SpectraLite face mask has done my skin—banishing redness, eradicating my acne, and nixing even the most stubborn acne scars that have lingered on my face for, I kid you not, years. So you can imagine my excitement when the brand announced it’d be coming out with a moldable counterpart to be used anywhere on the body. The sky’s the limit in terms of uses and benefits, but I’m most keen about the body-acne-clearing perks, and the brand even said the LED therapy can help alleviate mild body pains and aches.

I know vitamin C gets all the fame and glory in the glow and face-brightening departments, but every skin expert I chat with touts niacinamide as the dark horse where youthful, even, lit-from-within skin is concerned. This potent treatment from Paula’s Choice has garnered rave reviews, and I’m chomping at the bit to incorporate it into my own routine this season. And for those who can’t bear to part ways with their daily hit of vitamin C, fear not! It’s one of niacinamide’s co-stars in this particular blend.

I don’t know about you, but dry, flaky, devoid-of-shine skin is pretty much my worst nightmare when I’m frequenting the pool or beach. I have my eye on this popular body sunscreen from Supergoop! not only for its five-star skin-protecting prowess but also for the added glint and gleam it leaves behind on sun-kissed limbs. Up next: This $20 Tool Is the Gateway to Smooth, Baby-Soft Skin

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