Believe It or Not, My Wardrobe Needs a Serious Refresh—I Found 16 New Must-Haves

When I moved to NYC last summer, the amount of clothes and shoes that I owned nearly doubled. I mean, with top retailers and vintage shops on every corner, this was inevitable. My impulse control was at an all-time low, and my closet was (and still is) at full capacity. In an effort to get rid of all the items I bought on a whim and have yet to style, I’m giving my wardrobe a necessary refresh. The rules are simple: If they’re not high-quality, easy-to-style pieces, I don’t want them. If you’re looking to kick off the new year with fresh finds, Net-a-Porter did us a huge favor and curated a collection of must-haves. High-waisted denim, cotton T-shirts, and leather boots are just some of the pieces about to enter my closet. Want a glimpse at some items your wardrobe may be lacking? Just keep scrolling.

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