Blow-ca Raton: A 67-pound, $1 million batch of cocaine washes up on a South Florida beach

BOCA RATON — A package of cocaine worth about $1 million dollars turned up on a Boca Raton beach.

According to a tweet Wednesday from U.S. Border Patrol, a beachgoer came across the suspicious package and notified authorities.


The package, which weighed nearly 70 pounds, contained that not-so-rare breed of South Florida beach detritus jokingly referred to by some as square grouper.

A byproduct of the maritime drug smuggling trade in the waters around Florida and the Caribbean, it’s not uncommon for cube-shaped packages of cocaine to wash up on South Florida’s beaches.


When Hurricane Dorian skirted Florida in 2019, several batches of the illicit white powder made landfall on beaches up and down the coast.

On Aug. 5, the U.S. Coast Guard announced the largest haul of drugs in the Coast Guard’s history, a staggering $1.4 billion worth of cocaine and marijuana taken in about 20 seizures in the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea.

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