From Mini to Maxi, These Are the Best 14 Skirt Outfits to Try This Summer

Here’s how to know if you’re a skirt person: If the thought of slipping into a pair of rigid denim jeans once the weather hits 80° is a nightmare, if you prefer a pretty hemline no matter the occasion, or if you’ve made it this far and thought “enough already—show me the outfits,” you may be a skirt person. That’s good news because as far as summer skirt outfits go, they not only run the gamut, but there’s also endless inspiration to glean from our favorite style stars right now. I know most will say that dresses are the “uniform” for summer, and while I like a dress moment, I think there are a lot more styling options with skirts. 

As just a start, ahead are 14 mini, maxi, and in-between ensembles for any activity summer springs on you. Be it outfits that are fit for brunch, the beach, or date night, the looks ahead just might inspire you to forget about pants altogether until fall rolls back around. (I wouldn’t blame you.)

While slip skirts have held their glory for a long time (and rightfully so), let me introduce you to linen skirts. They feel lighter on the skin and help wick away moisture. Plus, they always look classy.

On those chilly summer nights, pull out your favorite knee-high boots to pair with your miniskirt. Trust me. The high and low proportions always work well together.

Tennis skirts we so popular in 2020 that consumers pretty much bought all the best ones from Nike, Adidas, and Amazon. A whole year later, the sporty skirt hasn’t left the fashion world. Keep it casual (but trendy) with a graphic tee.

I told you—linen skirts are showing up everywhere on the fashion scene. Keep things minimal but sleek with a fitted white tank and thong heels.

Heading on vacation? Don’t forget a printed skirt set. It’s a no-brainer outfit but makes enough of a statement to seal your reputation as a fashion girl. 

We called it on tied detailing a long time ago, and the style has reinvented itself in many ways, from tops to dresses, but the skirt version has to be my favorite.

These white ruffled skirts have been bubbling up on Instagram, and I have to say I’m quite happy we didn’t leave them in the 2000s. Pair one with a vintage T-shirt and boots to make it look like you walked right out of 10 Things I Hate About You.

It’s miniskirts galore for fashion in summer 2021, and if we learned anything from Miu Miu’s runway, it’s that the crazier the print on the skirt, the better.

Crochet may have once been considered a “grandma” look, but brands have taken the style and transformed it into the fashion crowd’s favorite bikinis, tops, and skirts. This crochet skirt makes a perfect layer over a swimsuit.

When in doubt, you can’t go wrong with a head-to-toe black ensemble. It’ll always make your outfit look more expensive.

We mentioned printed sets, but you could also opt for a pop of color to keep things tonal.

Layering is possible in the summer, and skirts are my favorite addition to a layered look. The ruched skirt above pairs well with the matching silk button-down. There are plenty of both on the market, so this outfit could easily be yours.

A black skirt is a must-have closet staple, whether it’s mini or maxi. It pairs easily with loud pieces like this fun tank pictured above.

As someone who is a big fan of suiting, I love the idea of a skirt suit for the warmer weather. Some have even been upcycling oversize blazers into their own sets, and I highly applaud their skill set.

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