From Ultra Low-Rise to Exposed Thongs, Welcome to the Y2K Denim Renaissance

As I am a ’90s baby, it feels a little bit weird and nostalgic to be witnessing an explosion of early aughts trends. Yet, here we are. In case you haven’t noticed, there’s a Y2K denim renaissance happening (namely among the fashion set), and it’s bubbling up all of the nostalgic denim styles I didn’t think would ever be popular again. If you know, you know. The early 2000s were one of the most controversial periods of denim innovation, where pretty much nothing was off the table. Exposed thongs, ultra low-rise, and gaudy embellishments were the name of the game, and of course, the look wouldn’t be complete without a baby tee and Cartier-style frames. Today, I’m revisiting all of the Y2K jeans trends that are getting a second wind thanks to Gen Z. They may not be your cup of tea, but our crystal ball tells us they’ll get bigger from here. Keep scrolling to see the six styles reemerging right now along with a little dose of outfit inspiration.

Full disclosure: This is probably one of the more wearable trends on this list. Loose jeans were a hallmark of the ’90s and early 2000s, and now, you can include the 2020s, too. The way to style them now seems to be with bodysuits, crop tops, and tight-fitting cardigans.

While not entirely controversial, bootcut jeans sort of faded for their vague redundancy. Is it a flare, or is it a straight leg? Whatever your opinion, it’s certainly coming back as a favorite to wear with body jewelry and velour jackets.

Now onto the denim trend we’ve all been waiting for with bated breath: the exposed G-string. Manny from Degrassi’s exposed-thong moment lives rent-free in the minds of a lot of millennials, so it’s a little exciting to see it coming back so hard these days. If you’re bold enough to take this on for yourself, the easy way to pull this off is to pair a fancy G-string with ultra-low-rise jeans. Or you can buy the thong built-in—I have several cool options below.

If you like to throw caution to the wind, ultra-low-rise jeans are the early aughts denim style for you. Nostalgic brands like Miss Sixty and True Religion have a few eye-catching pairs that capture the experimental essence of the early 2000s.

Remember the days when jeans were covered in rhinestones and embroidery? It’s a very specific trend, but if you know how to style them, they can actually be cool with a pair of strappy heels and a simple racerback tank.

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