Haven’t Yet Found Your Perfect Little Black Bag? Allow Me to Help

When it comes to accessorizing, I’m all for experimentation: I own more shoes than you could get me to admit; I change up my sunglasses on the daily; I rotate my jewelry so that even my favorite pieces get some much-needed downtime in favor of mixing things up. But when it comes to handbags, I am a big believer in committing to the LBB (little black bag).

Qualifying as a holy grail LBB is more difficult than one might think. A bag must be big enough to hold a considerable amount of day-to-day crap (the kind of stuff that’s not technically necessary but does inevitably accumulate… and therefore, perhaps actually sort of is?) and yet small enough to transition to feeling evening-appropriate with ease. It needs to feel in line with trends without necessarily being on-trend to give it a year-round quality that means you can wear it just about every damn day.

Let me ask you: When you find a bag that ticks all these boxes is there really a reason to change it up and run the risk of leaving the house without your license or your glasses, or perhaps most importantly, your favorite lip balm? (The answer is no.) All that’s left, my friends, is find your perfect LBB. Without further ado, allow me to introduce The Marc Jacobs Snapshot DTM ($325), the bag that deep-down you maybe always knew you needed. Keep scrolling to see why it’s the ultimate of ultimate It bags.

Like most fashion people, I’ve long been a fan of boxy bags, so it’s no surprise I’d fall for the Snapshot. The structured shape in Saffiano leather feels effortless for daytime and tidy enough for fancier occasions. It’s simple, sleek, and petite, yet secretly roomy enough to hold all of my essentials—including my phone, wallet, numerous loose makeup products, gum, sunglasses, you name it—and keep them somewhat organized via the double-compartment design. (One zip basically opens to my beauty bag; the other is home to everything else.)

The true divider, however, between just a great black bag and an outstanding LBB is versatility. Since it’s looking like 2021 is actually going to invite us back out into the world and demand different outfits, the fact that you can change up the bag’s straps is key. I’m not just talking about mixing it up between carrying it as a shoulder bag and wearing it crossbody: At my last count, The Strap Shop on the Marc Jacobs website has no fewer than 25 straps on offer, ready to click on to create a look that feels uniquely yours. From (extremely comfortable, crossbody-friendly) thick webbing straps that come in solid colors and different patterns to chain straps in various metals that I truly couldn’t love more. Mix, match—heck, why not wear one of each at the same time? The styling options are truly endless, and honestly, that’s what we’re looking for in an LBB. So go forth! Mix-and-match straps, do the math on the cost per wear, and above all, relish in never forgetting your wallet again.

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