Hollywood’s #1 Stylist Dressed Me for Every Event on My Cal—Here How It Went

Even though I’m a fashion editor, I’m not immune to feeling like I have nothing to wear. I definitely still have many moments in which I throw my arms up in the air and say to myself, “I wish someone would just dress me.” As our social lives pick up again and my own calendar starts to look how it used to, I’m once again faced with this sartorial dilemma, but this time, I am giving up the reins and turning to an expert for styling advice.

I got the chance to experience Karla Welch’s top-notch styling skills. The veteran Hollywood stylist, whose client list resembles a red carpet lineup, recently launched a new endeavor with her styling app Wishi. With Wishi, Welch hopes to democratize personal styling and bring what she does for her celeb clients to everyone. “I wanted to bring my expertise to everyone in a really affordable way,” she told me.

“I was constantly being asked by non-clients about what to wear, what to buy, just help getting dressed, etc. I thought, ‘I want to bring what I do for my celeb clients to everyone—make their lives easier, help them wear the clothes in their closets, and help them feel amazing and that they have style!’ And I wanted to bring my expertise to everyone in a really affordable way.”

I took to my own calendar this summer and focused on creating looks for five key events and outings. While these may be things that I have planned, I’m positive that many of you are looking to dress for similar occasions (summer weddings, anyone?), so Welch’s styling ideas should come in handy.

Getting dressed for a date—whether it be an actual date (almost forgot what those were) or a dinner date with a friend—is a skill I’m a bit out of practice with after all this time. How formal is too formal? Are tall heels too much? Jeans or a dress? As straightforward as a dinner date sounds in theory, putting together a look that strikes the right balance between effortless and glam is a surprisingly hard task. Welch answered my silent pleas for help, delivering a look that strikes that balance to T. “We love this Jacquemus dress since it feels feminine without trying too hard,” she noted. I couldn’t agree more. Welch took what would otherwise be a classic dress-with-heels look and imbued it with a fashion-person twist with a green color scheme, playful earrings, and funky heels. The heels in question are Ferragamo’s new F heels, which she insisted can also be worn in a more relaxed way with jeans.

I know I can’t be the only one: After the engaged couples in my life either postponed their weddings or waited to plan them until this year, the 2021 wedding season suddenly feels like the busiest one yet. As for what to wear to all the fêtes? I know I’m a little rusty at guest attire, so I’m going to assume that Welch’s recommendations will be welcomed suggestions for you, too.  “Make a statement in a bold color this year,” she exclaimed. “You will definitely be the best-dressed guest. This bright red is flattering on everyone, and I love accentuating the deep V-neck with a drop necklace.”

Well, with wedding invites flooding my inbox comes all the wedding-adjacent events along with them. In addition to bachelorette weekends, I have several bridal showers to attend throughout the summer, and in order to avoid repeating the same few sundresses in my arsenal, I turned to Welch, who came through with some stellar ideas. “These outfits are great for a bridal or garden party,” she told me. “They feel fresh and fun and could go from day to night.” I love the idea of opting for a midi skirt and delicate top in lieu of a dress because that feels a little bit different, and even better, you can easily rewear each piece.

In lieu of going into an office right now, coffee meetings seem to have taken new importance and have recently proliferated on my work calendar. Why not take advantage of the warm weather and take your meeting to an outdoor patio? Normally, I’d dress on the more office-appropriate end of the spectrum, but without the ultra-polished feel of an office, something more relaxed (but still elevated) is in order. I love Welch’s take here because it’s the kind of outfit that can transition easily from the workweek to the weekend. Welch told me she’s a big fan of this sage-green monochrome moment, which she anchored with black accessories. “Also, this Supergoop! cream just gives the best glow, which is perfect for a coffee outside,” she added. Simple, relaxed, and glowy, this is an outfit worth repeating.

Lastly (but first in my heart) are glorious beach days. While I sadly won’t be jetting off anywhere too remote this summer, you can absolutely bet that I plan on showing up to the beach and, more often than not, my building’s rooftop in a full resortwear look. When it comes to styling swimwear, fashion is still first, but feeling comfortable comes in at a close second. “You can wear these outfits to the beach or the pool and look on-trend yet comfortable,” Welch proclaimed. Even better? “These pieces can be worn every summer without looking dated,” she added.

Up next, see which warm-weather item immediately tells me you’re a fashion person.

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