I Asked a Resale Expert for the Bags That Will Hold Their Value—These Won

If purchasing an investment bag has been on your mind, the below intel could be quite intriguing to you. That’s right. Below, I’m showcasing a few strong handbag options that are not only incredibly chic and possibly have a strong cost per wear but that also hold their value over time. To uncover said styles, I actually tapped resale expert Charles Gorra.

He’s the founder and CEO of resale mecca Rebag, so he certainly knows his stuff. In reference to the newer bag styles that could be worth a purchase, there are a few key silhouettes that get an A+ given their desirable and trend-forward nature. In addition, there’s actually more intel over on Rebag right now. Yep, the brand just launched the second edition of the Clair Report. Using data from the brand’s pricing tool, Clair, the Comprehensive Luxury Appraisal Index for Resale, the report features everything from insights into shifts in the market to the bags, accessories, and watches, and jewelry (new for the brand) that could be worth investing in based on resale value.

Check out more here, and keep scrolling for a deeper dive into the bags in question. You’ll also find more handbag styles to shop.

“Prada’s Re-Edition collection—a modernized take on the nylon styles that dominated the luxury world in the ’90s. The smaller-sized hobo has recently resurged in popularity, especially in 2019 and 2020, and Prada responded to this demand by reissuing its classic hobos in different variations. This collection was an instant success with high demand, and the Re-Edition Hobo will continue to hold its value thanks to its new status as a Prada classic.”

“Mini-sized bags have been an ongoing trend for years now, but shoppers’ desire for these petite styles has not wavered. In fact, when a brand introduces a new mini size to its classic model collections, it usually sees instant success. The Chanel Reissue 2.55 is no exception. The Reissue has been around for years, but the mini variation, introduced just a few years ago, has been gaining popularity. At Rebag, we see more demand than supply on hand. Chanel is one of the few brands with a track record of solid value retention, meaning that this mini model is likely to stay up there in terms of resale value.”

“Hermès had a few chain wallets over the years but not in classic models. That is until just last year in 2020 with the To Go Wallet release for both the Kelly and the Constance. The Kelly To Go Wallet is especially impressive considering it is one of the most recognized Hermès models. The bag’s versatility and clean, sleek design make it an instant classic—not to mention that Hermès’s value retention is already incomparable.”

A classic.

Sleek tote.

A beautiful investment bag.

Adorable and chic.

A favorite for many.

A celeb favorite.

Sharp pick.

Yes to this pretty find.

This bag will go with everything.

New everyday bag, anyone?

This shape!

This tote will hold so much.

Fun colors.

And all about this color.

Cute crossbody.

Make that statement.


Talk about eye-catching.


The contrast is nice.

This story was published at an earlier date and has since been updated. Next, check out designer wallet options.

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