I Found 2022’s Hottest Beauty Trends—Here’s What to Buy (Thank Me Later)

It feels like just yesterday we were talking about 2021 beauty trends, and now we’re already forecasting 2022. Looking back on 2021’s biggest trends, like fresh skin and technicolor eyelids, many 2022 makeup trends will be a natural progression (think glossy skin and otherworldly sparkle). 

To find 2022’s makeup trends, we looked to the runways. This year’s S/S 22 shows were heaping with inspiration. Though every designer and vibe was different, we picked up on some universal beauty trends that we think will pave the way in 2022, which will be the year of glitz and glam. More is more seems like the most universal trend. We’ll enter this year expecting to see a lot of over-the-top beauty looks, with everything from eye jewels to smudgy, fire truck–red lips

Since we’re in the middle of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, there couldn’t be a better time to shop for products that will reign supreme in 2022 in advance. We’ve rounded up our favorite runway trends that we know are going to define 2022 and the absolute best products to help you re-create them (many of which are steeply discounted). 

While we’re all pretty used to highlighting the high points of our faces right now, in 2022, when it comes to adding luminosity, more is more. On the runway, everyone’s skin was glowing so much you could probably see the shimmer from space. We can’t wait to incorporate this dazzling trend into our own beauty routines with shimmering body oils and moon-beam eye shadows. Bonus: Our favorite shimmering body oil also smells downright scintillating, since it’s infused with Tom Ford’s Soleil Neige fragrance, which is reminiscent of sunbeams bouncing off crisp white snow.

It’s been a minute since peach has been an It color in makeup, but this year, we’re forecasting the color’s return thanks to tons of play on the runways. Peach looks playful as an eyeliner or eye shadow, but it’s still subdued enough for everyday wear. The color also marks a departure from some of the more vibrant pinks we’ve seen recently.

Sorry, millennials, but Gen Z was right: The middle part is here to stay. On the runways, we saw middle parts so many times that we’re also pretty sure they’re not going anywhere anytime soon. If you want to try an ultra-sleek look with your middle part, we recommend investing in a high-powered blow-dryer and a rat-tail comb.

Colorful eyeliner has been going strong for a while now, and we don’t anticipate the color craze going away anytime soon. Our favorite runway looks were more playful than a bright cat eye—they used eyelids as a canvas and picked bright colors to draw with.

We’ve seen a sharp retreat from matte skin in recent seasons, but this season, expect dewy skin to be borderline glossy. We’re talking glazed-doughnut, this-might-be-face-oil levels of gleam. Focus on skincare, and use a concealer that melts into skin, like Merit’s Complexion Stick, or go for a serum-like skin tint, like the one here from Ilia. Don’t worry—you can still get plenty of coverage with dewier options.

As life gets more and more normal, at some point this year, we may start shedding masks. People are itching to be able to make lips the star of their makeup routines again. When that becomes a reality, bejeweled lips will take the stage—think rhinestones and metallic lipsticks. Opt for bedazzled lips at any intimate gatherings that require a little glitz.

For a long time, slicked-back strands were something you might only expect celebrities to sport every once in a while on the red carpet. Thanks to slicked hair cropping up at tons of runway shows, we expect the edgy trend to become a bit more mainstream in 2022. Play with strong-hold hair gel for a more polished look, or go for pomade to keep the style a bit more relaxed.

Make your hair a part of your outfit by adding playful accessories. Our favorites are fun but wearable, like this freshwater-pearl barrette or these velvet clips. Add them to any look to infuse a little bit of glamour.

As lipstick becomes part of our makeup routine again, this year’s biggest trend is a classic. Red lipstick will be bigger than ever before. Think Old Hollywood glamour and Parisian-inspired pouts. When looking for red lipstick this year, opt for a velvety or hydrating finish that’s easy to smudge for the ultimate cool-girl lip.

Eye jewels have been cropping up more and more recently, and we anticipate them becoming one of 2022’s biggest beauty trends. They’re one of the easiest ways to add instant glitz to any look. Pop a gem or two around the eyes for a more understated take on the trend, or add tons of gems for a more daring look. Pro tip: If you plan on adding crystals to your makeup look, keep the rest of your makeup minimal so you don’t overpower your features.

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