I Just Gave Away My Dated Bikinis and Took Pics in the Styles I’m Keeping

Recently, in an attempt to make more room in our small Venice apartment, my fiancé and I decided it was time to get rid of some (okay, a lot of) stuff. He started with sneakers and old T-shirts, but for me, the first bridge to cross was my bikini collection taking up two overflowing drawers in my dresser. I’m not ashamed of my love for swimwear, but it’s true. I could probably get rid of a few things here and there. So as the summer started, I began to take note of the styles I was wearing and the ones that I, quite frankly, wasn’t even giving the time of day. And now, as we’re coming closer to the end of summer, I’m assessing my findings. To my surprise and my fiancé’s delight, there were a lot of suits that didn’t make the cut—whether they were too small, too big, worn out, or just plain not my style. Curious to see a few of the ones that I’m deeming worthy of keeping? Keep scrolling.

While my neoprene suits had their run once upon a time, I’m opting for the ever-so-cute terry cloth that’s been popping up all over. From bikinis to cover-ups, I really can’t get enough.

Bikini bottoms that sit right on my hips are just not quite the look I’m after these days. I love the more minimalistic look of these classic tie-side bottoms. Plus, the pieces that tie on the side offer me the flexibility to wear the bottoms as high as I want, giving the illusion of much longer legs. 

Shop the matching Ella Top ($81).

Shop the matching Apex One Shoulder Bikini Top ($90).

Shop the matching Liv Top ($44).

Shop the matching Tiny Ties Top ($49).

Shop the matching Leah Bikini Top ($75).

Shop the matching Hawthorne Top ($89).

Shop the matching Liberty Euphoria Top ($59).

Shop the matching Capreria Top ($85).

This isn’t a dated trend, but it’s one that just doesn’t suit me. My beach activities include laying out in the sun, and that’s about it, and I tan quite easily. When I wear sportier styles, I find that I get tan lines that just don’t work with the strapless dresses and skinny-strap tank tops I wear in the summer. Plus, the balconette top really supports my cup size.

Shop the matching Argentina Bottom ($82).

Shop the matching Ruched High Waisted Bikini Briefs ($39).

Shop the matching Brazilian Style Bikini Bottom ($20).

Shop the matching Eco Basic 90s Bikini Bottom ($110).

Shop the matching Surfrider Bottom ($50).

Shop the matching Side Tie Bikini Bottom ($110).

Shop the matching String-Tie Bikini Bottoms ($110).

Somehow, I accumulated quite the collection of stripes and polka dots. While I’m going to keep a few (because they are classic), I’ve been gravitating toward fun ’70s-inspired prints. Something about the retro patterns screams summer.

Shop the matching Ruched Bottom ($85).

Shop the matching Hazel Bikini Briefs ($85).

Shop the matching Dixie Bottoms ($50).

Shop the matching Katarina Cheeky Bottom ($85).

Shop the matching Vintage Chic Bikini Bottom ($85).

Shop the matching Vortici-Print Cotton-Voile Sarong ($375).

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