I Just Took My First Flight in a While—Here Are 7 Trends I Saw at the Airport

Between moving around to different cities and traveling for work and fun, I used to hop on flights all the time and felt like I really had my flight routine down, including the outfits I’d wear. After putting travel on pause for the last year and a half, though, I definitely felt out of practice with everything from what to pack to what I was actually wearing on the airplane. I just took my first flight in a while, and I noticed some new cute airport outfits that have me inspired for the next time I book a trip somewhere.

Matching sets in all forms were one of the things I noticed most. Rather than just the sweatpant set variety, I saw fresh versions like elevated loungewear sets and matching knits in cool prints and colors. I also noticed lots of great basics like oversize button-downs and athletic shorts that were styled in forward yet comfortable ways and will have me rethinking my future looks. Ahead, seven cute airport outfits that will make getting dressed for a trip foolproof.

I can personally vouch for this amazing set. I love the full set, as it’s such a fun look to wear for a flight, but I’ve also been wearing the crop top with nylon shorts.

This outfit proves just how chic a pair of slouchy pants can look with the addition of a few other basics. Comfort dressing has honestly never looked cooler.

To really elevate your airport look, but still feel comfortable, plissé is the way to go. It instantly reads as polished and elegant, but you’re actually fooling everyone because it also feels like slipping into pajamas.

Shorts sets have basically ruled summer dressing, and that holds true at the airport. I love the idea of wearing a bold color like this burnt-orange set from The Frankie Shop that has gone viral recently.

Ready to take your fun pattern pieces on a flight? Cool, because they were pretty much taking over the departures terminal at LAX and feel like such a fun way to kick-start a travel wardrobe.

If you’re traveling between two different climates, you’ll definitely want to dress in layers. I wear my leather blazer with just about everything and think it’s such a key staple to take when traveling.

Who knew athletic shorts would become a favorite piece among fashion people? There’s no doubting they are, and I can’t think of a more comfortable look to travel in.

Next, seven things I always wear (and seven I skip) after living in NYC, Paris, and L.A.

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