I Went Shopping for New Bikini Sets and Lost It Over These 22

The thought of having a summer that’s as close to “normal” as we can get is making me feel all sorts of things but mostly excitement. I’m excited to have more and more reasons to dress up and go out again, which is why I’ve been paying a lot more attention to my wardrobe because, let’s face it, after the last year, it could use a serious update. One area, in particular, that could definitely use some sprucing up is my swimwear collection, and I’m in the market for a new bikini set (or five).

I’ve taken to perusing the sites of my favorite retailers and the feeds of my favorite fashion girls for shopping inspiration. After scrolling through seemingly all the options the internet has to offer, I ended up with a (very full) shopping cart of the cute bikini sets I’m pretty much losing it over. That’s how good they are. From shimmery fabrics to retro prints, the below 22 sets are seriously blowing my mind right now. Scroll down to see and shop them all.

Everything I want in a bikini right now: fun, bright, and a bit retro.

Shimmer bikinis are soaring to the top of my summer shopping list. Shop the matching Good Waist Cheeky Bottoms ($49).

The best of both worlds.

PSA: The Attico launched swim, and it’s really good.

With Jéan is making the bikinis all the It girls want right now. Shop the matching Buttercup Bikini Bottoms ($69).

The right amount of retro.

This towel material, though. Shop the matching Embossed Towel Bikini Top ($40).

Have I mentioned my obsession with Emilio Pucci prints yet? Shop the matching Side-Tie Lily-Print Bikini Briefs ($185).

Now that’s what I call an Amazon gem.

Hear me out: This bikini with the below skirt as an entire swimwear outfit.

The three-piece suit to end them all.

A little cutout goes a long way.

I know this is a bikini top, but I would wear it as a going-out top, too.

Don’t forget the matching bottoms.

Boring bikini who?

I mean, I have no words.

You’ve probably seen this fun print 10 times already because WWW editors (including me) can’t get enough.  Shop the matching Tia String Bikini Bottoms ($70).

This is one of the coolest bikinis I’ve seen in a while. Shop the matching Bandit Bottoms ($61).

If it’s good enough for Dua Lipa…. Shop the matching Late Bloomer Bikini Bottoms ($95).

Upside down bikinis are the new triangle. Tell a friend. Shop the matching Naomi Bikini Bottoms ($79).

Spring meets summer.

Midriff floss: swimwear edition.

All about this keyhole detail.

Who said swimwear couldn’t be this stunning? Shop the matching Ruched Bikini Bottoms ($30).

This print feels like a cool vintage find. Shop the matching Liza Bottoms ($80).

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