I’m a Fragrance Polygamist—These 11 Always Get My Husband’s Attention

Confession: I’m a fragrance polygamist. In all my 31 years, I’ve never found a signature scent, and I have a feeling I never will. And you know what? I’m okay with that. It turns out it’s really hard to find one bottle that encompasses all of my personality. Sometimes I wake up with tons of energy. Other days, I wake up feeling down. And sometimes I just need a confidence boost. So just like my outfits, my scent really needs to align with how I’m feeling on any given day.

For me, perfume has always been an accessory: an extension of my style or mood, a finishing touch to an outfit, and a way for me to express myself without having to speak. Though when a fragrance is good—like so good it grabs my husband’s attention—it almost always sparks conversation. So I decided to do just that and ask my husband for his reviews of the 11 fragrances that make him do a “double sniff.” Did he love them? Hate them? Keep scrolling to get the tea.

My take: Wow, I never knew I could love a floral scent so much. From jasmine and gardenia to cedarwood and marigold, this just makes you feel like you’re getting a warm cozy hug from a friend.  My husband’s take: Soft and fruity. You smell delicious. Can I eat this?

My take: I hate to be biased, but this is a favorite. When I first smelled this perfume, I was hooked (hypnotized, if you will). It begins with a blend of pepper tree, pimento berry, and clove followed by Bulgarian rose and patchouli, which settles into a base scent of vanilla, benzoin, and opoponax. It has that perfect woody, smoky smell. My husband’s take: A lot of the time with perfume, it’s either really overpowering, or it’s too sharp. But this is just great. I keep getting surprise whiffs of it. If you smelled this in a crowd, you’d go looking for the person wearing it.

My take: If you’re not a perfume person, this scent is for you. Holy cow, it’s so subtle yet feels luxurious at the same time. It’s ethereal and delicate, and the blend of fresh dew, cassis, and vanilla makes me nostalgic for the carefree days of childhood.  My husband’s take: This makes me want to cozy up with you on the couch all day, which is a shame because no one else would know how good you smelled. It’s peaceful and smooth.

My take: Oh, man. this scent gives me life. It’s bright, fun, and the perfect combination of feminine flavors and musky undertones. Think of it as an energetic blend of jasmine and citrus with a pop of spice.  My husband’s take: This is so subtle but nice. It kind of feels like I’m surrounded by soaps, but not in a bad way.

My take: Fragrance has always been a huge part of Oribe’s hair products, but I’ll admit I was skeptical about its perfume. But I’ve been hooked ever since I first smelled it. Juniper berry and wildflowers make it feel fresh, and cedarwood gives it some edge.  My husband’s take: I’m getting a tequila-sunrise vibe from this. It makes me want to sit out in the sun with a drink or two.

My take: You know when it’s a crisp, early morning by the water, and the air is dewy, salty, and a little sweet? This perfume is essentially that packaged in a cute bottle.  My husband’s take: This one smells really clean. If there was that “new car smell” for a person, it would be this.

My take: My friend used to work at the Nue Co. and gave me this, and it’s truly become a staple in my fragrance rotation. It’s actually designed to help relieve stress, which is especially great when you’re living through times like these! It just smells like the fresh outdoors and makes you feel like you’re being smothered in palo santo and cedarwood (in a good way, of course).  My husband’s take: Calming. You smell like you just came from a spa. If you could wear this every time I get off of a work call, I’d appreciate it.

My take: Close your eyes, and imagine yourself walking through the most magical floral market in Paris on a breezy spring day. You’re being hit with smells of freesia, sambac jasmine, and tuberose, and you really just feel like a peaceful ball of happiness.  My husband’s take: It’s like stopping to smell the roses, bottled up. A classic. This is also cheating because I’m pretty sure you wore it when we got engaged—of course it’s going to get my attention.

My take: Anytime I wear this scent, I feel like I should be in the woods on a damp day picking blackberries. It’s subtle but memorable and has been part of my fragrance collection for years.  My husband’s take: This one is really unique. I don’t really know how to describe it. It’s not floral, but it stands out.

My take: If you’re not familiar with Dossier, allow me to introduce you. The brand formulates perfumes inspired by designer fragrances but sells them for a fraction of the cost. This particular fragrance is inspired by Armani’s My Way, and I’m actually surprised by how much I like it. I’m not a huge fruity-scent gal, but this one has just the right amount of punch. There’s a lot of bergamot at first, which is followed by hints of vanilla and musk. My husband’s take: This is like a rainy Saturday morning in a bottle. That’s nice to think about on a Monday.

My take: This smells like a breath of fresh air. The blend of sea salt and fresh water lily makes it light and airy, but red currant berries and pear add a playful punch.  My husband’s take: That’s refreshing. Kind of sweet and lemony. I don’t know what the equivalent of thirst-quenching is for scents, but this checks that box.

The blend of amber, vanilla, cedarwood, and musk makes it warm and woody. It’s the perfect fragrance to cozy up to this fall. 

You might think that calypso orchid and Bulgarian rose would be too sweet, but the notes of almond milk, musk, and sandalwood make this perfume creamy, fresh, and modern. 

I don’t know why I’m so drawn to this scent. Maybe it’s because it’s fresh, woody, and citrusy. Or maybe it’s because it makes me think of my dad driving me to school all those years ago. 

Another signature scent from Oribe, this is full of bergamot, white butterfly jasmine, and a soft sandalwood base that’s deliciously satisfying. 

Musk, plum, heliotrope, and leather notes? Yup, it smells just as mysterious as it sounds. 

Blended undertones of amber, musk, and bergamot make this scent creamy, soft, and subtle. It’s perfect worn on its own or layered with other fragrances.

This scent is perfectly balanced. It starts off fruity and playful with a hint of red currant before moving into a blend of rose and lily and finally settling into a mix of vanilla and vetiver. It’s unique, modern, and just the thing to spritz on when I want an extra confidence boost.

It’s a little bit lilac and a little bit musky with a hint of almond. It’s light, sweet, and unique. 

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