I’m an NYC Transplant Going Through a Style Evolution—Here’s What I’m Buying RN

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If you’re new here, my name is Aniyah Morinia, and it only took about four months for me to make moving to NYC my only personality trait. What can I say? I went from small-town girl in Kissimmee, Florida, to big-city girl in Brooklyn, and I just can’t shut up about it. But some days, I don’t even have to bring it up because it’s so apparent in my new styling choices. I am now wearing padded shoulders, chunky boots, and all-black looks on a regular basis, which are the opposite of my everyday looks back home. (NYC tends to have that effect on people.) I’ve also been experimenting with my beauty and haircare routines. The products that I used to buy over and over are now being replaced with new products, and since I’ve been shopping so much, I thought it only made sense for me to share my finds with you. Ready for a glimpse at the products that are currently shaping my NYC style? Just keep scrolling.

Believe the hype. I’ve been wearing these nonstop since I bought them two weeks ago. 

If my blazer isn’t oversized, I don’t want it. 

Cozy vibes only. 

In New York, it’s impossible to go outside and not see a pair of Dr. Martens (and for good reason).

This mascara has thousands of glowing reviews. I’m sold. 

If you see me roaming around the city in this top, just know that it won’t be the first or last time. 

This bag houses all the essentials and adds a pop of color to my monochromatic ‘fits.

Cut-out details have taken over my wardrobe, and I couldn’t be more proud. 

I traded my sandals for sneakers, and I regret nothing. A chic yet comfortable sneaker is the ultimate must-have. 

Not to be dramatic, but my life changed for the better when I discovered this brown lip liner. 

I’m convinced that the sweater-vest trend held on for another season just so I could experience real fall layering.

The chunkier, the better. 

Pair these with the chunky loafers above, and you’ve achieved the retro preppy aesthetic. 

Functionality now ranks high on my list when shopping (after style, of course). 

I wasn’t a beanie person until about five minutes ago when I stumbled across this one. The evolution is happening as we speak. 

I used to stay away from prints, and now I can’t imagine my closet without them. 

I am fully prepared to wear these all season long. 

It’s never too early (or late) for anti-aging products. This serum is ranked #1 in the U.S.

Soon it will finally be cold enough for me to wear faux fur, and I’m choosing this for my debut.

I’m letting my bags do the talking from now on. 

This coat requires minimal styling. It has my name written all over it. 

Trust me. Your hair will thank you. 

Sleek and functional. Meet my back-to-office bag. 

I will do anything to make getting ready less hectic, and this cuts drying time by 50%.

I feel most like a city girl when I’m rocking a pair of cat-eye sunnies. 

I plan to style this top just like the model—with light-wash denim, square-toe boots, and gold accessories. 

For maximum hydration. 

A staple for the city. 

Combatting dry winters one hair mask at a time.

I was afraid of clogs until I saw so many stylish people wearing them around the city. I’m inspired.

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