L.A. Girls, Put Down the Puffers—Here Are 32 Jackets That Actually Make Sense

The L.A.-girl urge to load up on puffer jackets every winter is strong. This may be because winter fashion is heavily inclined toward heavy coats and jackets meant for subzero temperatures, and they just look so cozy. Can you blame us for wanting in?

However, after several years of living between New York and L.A., I noticed I only actually wear a handful of jackets when I’m on the West Coast. There’s no need to force a fur-coat moment when a beach day is also a viable option. Save the puffers for skiing or your trips east, and stick to the below 32 lightweight jackets to keep you more than toasty through the mild winters in L.A., Miami, and the like.

Between bombers, denim, moto jackets, and very fashion cropped numbers, there are so many good options that you won’t envy your East Coast friends and their puffers again. I promise.

Every L.A. girl needs a few different blazers in her wardrobe. This season, I’m eyeing boxy and oversize versions inspired by menswear designs and retro blazers like this one with three buttons rather than two. Layer your blazers over everything from miniskirts to jeans for an effortless night on the town.

Easy, breezy.

The slightly flared cuff is sending me.

Skip the leather pants everyone has and invest in a leather blazer instead.

The pleats on the front and back of this blazer create the perfect fit.

If I could describe my ideal L.A. winter wardrobe, it would definitely include something between a shirt and a jacket, so I’m convinced whoever came up with this category is from the Golden State. The shacket solves so many problems in one because it can be worn as a top layer or a base layer, thus fulfilling whatever need you’re looking for. It’s a perfect piece of clothing that you’ll wear all year.

Layer this one with all the nudes and browns in your closet.

I’ve noticed Western-inspired jackets are gaining more steam lately. I’m loving this understated fringe number.

This color palette, though.

The added belt is a nice touch.

The streetwear fan in me will always hold the bomber jacket in high esteem. This season, the varsity bombers of yore have graduated to university and are popping up in luxe fabrics and tailored shapes. I must say, the grown-up bomber jacket is my favorite trend of them all.

It’s perfect.

Bear hug.

So fresh and so clean.

This khaki bomber will always be in.

California’s fashion heritage is grounded in denim, and that’s no coincidence. This lightweight but warm layer looks best when layered, so size up to ensure enough space for knits and sweaters underneath.

I’m only interested in dark denim lately.

It’s 50% off!

These get better with time.

The corduroy collar sets it off.

I’ve been on the fence about moto jackets for a while now, but Emilia’s outfit has changed my entire perspective. The Von Dutch of it all is appealing to all my senses and is making me see the style anew. When styling, get experimental to avoid looking basic. Grab patterned pants, a pop-of-color top, or baggy denim to bring this trend into 2022. 

Aged like a fine wine.

Zara never misses in this category.

White is an unexpectedly fresh color for a moto jacket.

An AllSaints leather jacket makes you feel like a rock star.

A cropped jacket is the perfect solution for going out when you’d like to keep your jacket on as part of the outfit. You either get it, or you don’t. Because this category is a bit less practical and is more for fashion’s sake, go big or go home.

The irony makes it even more brilliant.

We’re living amid a renaissance, after all. 

This one is light enough to wear even when it’s sunny.

I had to.

It was formerly known as the finance-bro jacket, but we are reclaiming the fleece in 2022. The designs, however, are very far from Wall Street and more streetwear inclined. As it’s one of the most practical jackets of the bunch, wear this one for all your daytime errands and early morning hikes.

I can’t get over the shading of the mountains.


Love the colorway.

Heat map.

Quilted jackets feel so New England to me and, thus, channel winter vibes, no matter the setting. Designers continue to interpret this trend more and more broadly, and I’m loving all the floral and abstract designs currently on the market.

One of a kind.

One word: texture.

Refined and practical.

This pattern is so sweet.

Next up, I’m Pulling Up in Square-Toe Boots Till Further Notice

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