Let’s Go, South Florida: Watch these young chefs get ready to wow mom on Mother’s Day | Recipes

South Florida Sun Sentinel

May 06, 2021 1:25 PM

Let’s Go, South Florida host Arlene Borenstein meets the chefs of Young Chefs Academy in Coral Springs who are learning to cook for their Mom on Mother’s Day.

Some of them are just as tall as the kitchen counters and a few can’t even reach the sink. But the kid chefs we visited at Young Chefs Academy Coral Springs can outcook some adults.

Kylie Almodovar, age 10, says making breakfast on Saturday mornings is her specialty.

“There’s five people in my house, but I usually make eight [plates] because I like the extra. Sometimes I’ll make biscuits or cinnamon rolls,” said Kylie, who also plans on making her mom a Mother’s Day feast with the skills she’s learned at the academy.

Husband and wife Willmour and Gayon Daniel opened Young Chefs Academy Coral Springs in May 2019. They wanted a hands-on cooking program for their kids.

“We don’t get to sit down and cook with our kids, so this is a great opportunity to learn something, be around other kids and learn different and unique recipes that we wouldn’t have normally taught them,” Gayon said.

The school has several cooking programs for children ages 4 to 19. There are also summer camps and a Life Skills program to help children or adults with special needs learn how to cook and get around the kitchen.

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The students do everything on their own, from food preparation to baking and cooking, supervised by Sabella. And all of them share a passion for it.

“My grandma cooks every day and lately I have been cooking in the kitchen with her as well,” said 12-year-old Juanita Watt.

“My first class I got for Christmas so I was so excited,” said 13-year-old Gabrielle “Gabby” Williams, who has some big plans for her mom this Mother’s Day.

“I think I am going to make some of her favorite recipes that I cook, which are the blueberry muffins that we made one time and I will probably make her some bacon and pancakes on a tray for her and bring it to her while she’s in bed,” she said.

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