Looking for Shiny, Voluminous Hair? I’ve Got You Covered With These 7 Picks

Full disclosure: I’m not the most hair-savvy gal. After completing my skincare routine, selecting my outfit, and finishing my makeup each day, my attention span wanes and I’m ready to go wherever I need to be. But that’s good news, right? I’m not saying I full-out skip my hair. I just mean that I need a simple, hands-off routine that can take me from the shower to the street with little intervention. And I’m not going to be bashful about it—I have a lot of great hair days! Now get scrolling so you, too, can have an easy, breezy haircare regimen that’ll make your hair look and smell amazing.

The moment I smelled my first Oribe product, I knew I would be a lifelong stan of the brand. Thank god the formulas work so well because I can’t live without the scents. This shampoo keeps my moisture levels perfect.

Hands down the only conditioner that matters. I rotate my shampoos, but I never skip this conditioner. No matter my hair length, it gives me the perfect waves every time.

You’re probably wondering why I need this spray after waxing poetic about the above conditioner. Well, some days have special occasions and you just need a little something extra, okay?

I live in L.A., where the climate is as dry as can be, which means I occasionally struggle with—say it with me—dandruff! Biweekly luxurious mask moments help keep those at bay.

Whenever I wash my hair with this, it is so voluminous and shiny. I really love a clean, high-value product like this.

Since I can’t bring myself to invest in a boar-bristle brush, I settle on a Tangle Teezer, but not sadly! I thoroughly love it! Pro tip for volume: brush before washing your hair not after.

This spray adds a really great salty, just-from-the beach texture to your hair, and it also is a great long-lasting hair spray.

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