Meet the Maker: House Of Gab TV’s Michelle Soudry

At House of Gab TV, we bring you the Makers and Visionaries that move South Florida lifestyle.

If you haven’t already met the savvy publicist-turned-visionary-entrepreneur Michelle Soudry, chances are you’ve witnessed her agency’s national branding and PR/marketing mastermind in action, or attended one of her lavish experiential member events.

The 42-year-old executive alpha mom is the founder of the full-service award-winning and uber stylish 360-degree brand activation agency affectionately known as The Gab Group, it’s parent company House of Gab and it’s newest passion project, House of Gab TV.

Specializing in core strategy and innovative outreach, Soudry has helped shape and mastermind over 300 successful companies spanning luxury hospitality, health and wellness, retail, real estate, fashion, celebrity, beauty, and lifestyle concepts. Soudry’s unique ability to generate unprecedented success for her clients has propelled The Gab Group to be named a Fastest Growing Company amongst other accolades with revenues of $25 million and under.

Recognized as the “comeback kid of marketing”, Soudry’s specialty is in possessing the “golden touch” and innate pulse for creativity in hospitality and lifestyle development in addition to spearheading quality brand turnarounds. If there’s a hot restaurant or talked about brand in South Florida, chances are it’s been groomed for launch by the icon herself – Michelle Soudry.

Soudry’s unique ability to think outside the box has served her both as an award-winning strategic publicist and brand concept developer. Soudry has generated coveted national coverage for her clients including Associated Press, Vanity Fair Magazine, Oprah, Fast Company, Inc Magazine, CNBC, New York Times, Daily News, Washington Post, Good Morning America, Nightline, USA Today, Ellen, Dr. Oz, Washington Post, and many others. It is her innate understanding of journalism and the world of media exposure that has propelled her to be the accomplished brand professional that she is viewed as today.  

She is recognized not only for being a PR visionary but for also being a South Florida headquartered promotional pioneer. Soudry is credited with having seen the potential in the 25 – 45-year-old market in the area of Boca Raton prior to the market realizing the value of this demographic. She won a national award for believing in this untapped demo at the time, developing a concept called High Society – a 4-year long standing promotional night that attracted an attendance of over 400 people every Thursday night and revenue of $40K each Thursday night to an area restaurant lifestyle brand.

Soudry’s latest to be success story is serving as the creator and founder of House of Gab TV, a new lifestyle social television program designed to showcase the movers, makers and visionaries behind South Florida’s coveted luxury lifestyle.

To connect with Michelle Soudry, email or visit

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