My #1 Bikini Pick in Every Category, From Thong to Full-Coverage

Summer is right around the corner, and if you’re anything like me, you’re already deep into swimwear shopping. I find that I’m most particular about bikini bottoms when it comes to swimsuit shopping. There are so many fit options, and even just a few inches of fabric makes a huge difference in the overall look and fit. Depending on the day, activity, companions, etc., I prefer a different type of bottom style. For example, I would probably select a different bikini bottom for lounging on vacation with my boyfriend than I would for a family BBQ and pool day—a girl needs options, you know? 

Since selecting bikini bottoms can be overwhelming, especially if you’re ordering online, I thought it might be helpful to highlight some of the best options I’ve found within each bikini bottom category while browsing various retailers recently. Whatever your preferred amount of coverage, I’ve got you covered. From thong to high-waist to full-coverage, below are the best types of bikini bottoms I’ve come across for summer ’21.

On Sabina Socol: SIR Hendry High Brief ($110). I’ve been obsessed with high-waisted bikinis for a few years now. I just find them to be so flattering. I love that they cover my belly button, and the higher cut makes your legs look so long. The black style below from It’s Now Cool is the perfect go-with-everything type of bottom choice that you can wear with almost any top, making it a versatile pick for summer. 

Shop the matching Asymmetrical Bikini Top ($60).

On Ali Cutler: Netta The Everything Bikini ($195). String bottoms are trending once again, and I love the minimal tan lines this style provides. My favorite way to wear it is pulled higher up on my hip bones, making my torso look longer. I love the fun floral print on the below bottoms. Plus, the tie at the one side is not only cute but is also practical, in that you can adjust it to whatever feels most comfortable on your body.  

Shop the matching Amorini Top ($92).

On Amy Lefévre: Frankie’s Bikinis suit. Speaking of perfect swimsuits for tanning, it doesn’t get more minimal than a thong cut. I’m selective about where I choose to wear such a tiny style, but I think there’s a time and place for everything, and I love thong bikini bottoms sometimes (just remember SPF!). The below Frankie’s Bikinis style mixes a cheeky print and tie sides, making it a fun choice for summer. 

Shop the matching Tia Top ($85).

On Alessandra: LPA suit. A classic-cut bikini bottom is a staple in my swimwear collection, featuring thicker sides and moderate coverage at the back. This is my go-to when I want to be comfortable while also looking chic and timeless. I’m obsessed with the lavender hue on the below style—I can see this becoming a suit I go back to year after year. 

Shop the matching Amanda Top ($72).

The Brazilian bottom features a low-rise front and higher cuts at the backside, showing off your silhouette and providing minimal tan lines. I personally like them on the strappier side, so the below zebra-print style immediately called to me. 

Shop the matching Summer Top ($95).

On Anne-Laure Mais: Faithfull the Brand suit. A classic side-tie bikini bottom is as effortless as it gets. It feels retro yet timeless, and the adjustable sides ensure you get the perfect fit every time. The below bubblegum-pink style features this year’s trendiest color that will also highlight your tan.

Shop the matching Aline Top ($78).

On Jen Ceballos: Bamba Swim Olympia Bottoms ($101). A full-coverage bottom offers comfort and security. Plus, it makes activities like beach volleyball or swimming that much easier since you don’t have to think about your bottoms coming untied or falling down. I’m partial to this white Bamba Swim number, as it feels retro in the coolest way possible. 

Shop the matching Caesar Bandeau ($70).

Shop the matching Blair Bikini Top ($134).

Shop the matching Andressa Top ($88).

Shop the matching Daphne Top ($88).

Shop the matching Harmony Top ($90).

Shop the matching Bodi Top ($78).

Shop the matching Kenzie Top ($78).

Shop the matching Marilyn Top ($95).

Shop the matching Peace Strapless Top ($90).

Shop the matching Evie Top ($88).

Shop the matching Santos Top ($80).

Shop the matching Oceana Smocked Top ($100).

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