No Joke, the Most In-Demand Products Among Beauty People Are Cheaper RN

Whenever Violet Grey’s epic Memorial Day sale rolls around, I feel like I also need to post a warning: Proceed with caution. Because for anyone who gets frothy at the mouth for the luxurious, crème de la crème beauty must-haves that editors, celebrities, makeup artists, and skin experts go gaga for, the site becomes borderline dangerous for your doorstep’s package-bearing capacity.

Friends, get excited, because this year’s installment, the Put It in the Bag Event, is here, and the deals are better than ever. From May 25 to May 31 you’ll receive a whopping 20% off select VG favorites (we’re talking over 100 of their industry-coveted brands), and if you spend $500 or more, you’ll also score one of Violet Grey’s cult-loved makeup bags while supplies last. 

I’m keeping this short and sweet because you have urgent beauty shopping to get to, but for added inspiration, we’re sharing the exceptional products celebrities love (taken courtesy of Violet Grey’s fab new Shop Their Bag series), skin and makeup experts love, and we as beauty editors love. Stretch your thumbs, grab some caffeine (or hey, even some bubbly), and let the treat-yourself sale shopping commence! 

“I’m obsessed with mists—so much so that I put a few in my hospital bag because I need a mist when I give birth!” “One that we can’t get enough of is this award-winning, intensely hydrating formula packed with protective tomato stem cells, moisturizing rosehip oil, and ultra-soothing thermal water from Hungary. Spritz it on and marvel at the instant glow.”—Team Violet Grey. Shop Emma Roberts’s Full Violet Grey Bag

“Turn your home into an oasis through the most powerful of senses: smell. This cheeky spray bottle delivers a fresh, slightly surprising floral scent that is perfect for the warmer months ahead.”—Team Violet Grey. Shop Hope Smith’s Full Violet Grey Bag

“Formulated by a sought-after oculofacial plastic surgeon, Dr. Chaneve Jeanniton, and newly minted with our Violet Code seal of approval, we are recommending Kristen upgrade her routine with this science-backed serum. It delivers a blend of over 300 human stem cell-derived epidermal growth factors and active proteins. In Layman’s terms, it will make her skin younger.”—Team Violet Grey. Shop Kristen Noel Crawley’s Full Violet Grey Bag

“If stress or bad eating habits are starting to show in my skin, I reach for this high-tech sheet mask that targets blemishes, dehydration, and tone to balance and calm my complexion.”—Gucci Westman

“I love a face tool for working my serum and moisturizer deeply into the skin. This really helps with puffiness and improves microcirculation.”—Sofia Schwarzkopf-Tilbury

“This lives on my nightstand and is something I look forward to using before bed. I customize the settings to my skin concerns and wake up looking refreshed.”—Nina Park

“The most important thing you can do for your skin to keep it youthful and healthy is to wear sunscreen every single day! I love this formula because it doesn’t cause any congestion.”—Shani Darden

“Every product in my bag could be from Barbara Sturm, but it’s an expensive habit. If I had to choose one, it would be this serum.”—Annabelle Dexter-Jones

“This is the perfect lightweight moisturizer as we enter summer. And it doubles as a primer, which is always a plus!”—Shereene Idriss

“I love masks as my hair can get really dry. This one is so beautiful, moisturizing, and lovely. I feel transported to Paris when I use it.”—Mara Roszak

“This cleansing balm breaks down makeup, hydrates, and rinses clean without leaving skin tight or dry.”—Melanie Grant

“As the last step in my regimen, I use this soothing formula after all of my other products to seal everything in.”—Georgia Louise

“If you don’t care for wrinkles, I suggest incorporating silk into your sleep routine. Silk fibers reduce friction and creasing in your skin, prevent bed head, and extend the life of the blowout you tried to DIY.”—Cassandra Grey

You know a perfume is one in a million when you fork over $150 for the real thing less than 10 seconds after getting a whiff of a sample. I had an immediate “where have you been all my life?” reaction to this stunning fragrance, and I think you will too—especially if you’re like me who goes weak in the knees for rose-led scents. The aforementioned is anchored by violet, musk, plus pink and black pepper. It’s delicious.

I love to be dramatic and say my face is allergic to sunscreen, but it’s kind of true—I’ve only ever met a handful of formulas that my acne-prone skin can tolerate. This oil-free, nontoxic Chantecaille formula is one of those few, and it’s the perfect hybrid. It’s a feather-light compromise between a sunscreen, moisturizer, and primer that will leave your face radiant and glossy (but not too glossy) and amply protected from the sun’s harmful rays. 

Think of these retro, sugar-crusted gumdrops as the ultimate 3 p.m. solution to the inevitable stress-induced work slump and/or that sneaky craving for something sweet. I’ve been obsessed with the brand’s newest box which contains a delightful mix of wild strawberry and lemon.

If I could only use one body lotion for the rest of my life, it would be this fragrance-free one from Nécessiare. Unlike lots of lotions out there, the moisture perks of this one aren’t fleeting, and I notice my skin stays soft, supple, and radiant up until my next shower sesh. Plus, you can rest easy knowing there aren’t any sketchy ingredients lurking within.

I had been eyeing this sumptuous rose-infused balm from By Terry for years before I finally took the plunge, and now that I’m on the other side, I can say it was 110% worth the investment. Literally every single makeup artist I follow presses this onto their client’s lips at the beginning of the skin prep and makeup application process. It’s ultra-rich (but not sticky!) and supplies a parched skin with next-level hydration you won’t have to top up throughout the day or night. You can even use it on your cuticles when things start to get scraggly.

I just can’t with high-maintenance lip looks. I want to be able to smear something on, dab it around for a little bit of diffusing magic and walk out the door without having to think twice about it. Jeanne Damas has most definitely achieved that quintessential French-girl aesthetic with these lip quads from her beauty brand, Rouje. These palettes also come in a cream formula, but I’m partial to the powder, which, when applied on top of the By Terry balm I talked up above, is the perfect dose of long-lasting color and hydration.

I’m rather addicted to this eye contour fluid from Sisley-Paris. It’s my favorite thing to apply pre-foundation or concealer (try it with the Chantecaille SPF primer I mentioned above!) and has some magical benefits in the smoothing, brightening, and firming departments.

This stuff is ridiculous. I know the bizarre little rod shape has you suspicious (believe me, I was too!), but I’ve never tried another lash product that lifted, lengthened, and curled so well with so little effort. This won’t give you tons of volume, but if you’re after a sky-high extension effect, this prismatic little tube is well worth the $50 plunge.

This new lip debut from Westman Atelier is a dream come true for anyone who loves a really juicy lip moment but doesn’t want to compromise on safe, high-quality ingredients. Enriched with organic goodness, this lip balm translates like a gloss thanks to its epic shine factor while simultaneously delivering a subtle hint of color to enhance your natural lip color. 

“You can read my full ode to this perfume here, but Portrait of a Lady is a treat. For me, it’s personal, but I’m confident that the complex notes and pure sophistication will make anyone feel just as fancy. If you’re in the mood to embody your best, richest self, a spritz of this will get you there.”

“This moisturizer is smarter than me. I love each of U Beauty’s expertly formulated products, but this moisturizer has been my go-to lately to keep dryness from stealing my glow. It’s stacked with shea butter; argan, avocado, and grape-seed oils; and skin-building peptides to support cell turnover for improved collagen production, firmness, and circulation.”

“This lip liner is everything. I didn’t even know I needed lip liner until I tried this one. I can’t really put it into words why it’s so impressive, but if I had to try, I’d say that it’s because it has this way of making it look like you’re pursing your lips even when you’re not. It creates such a subtle definition that completely changes the look of your lips. Ten out of 10 would recommend.”

“This is like a pulsating squeegee for the skin that coaxes gunk out of the pores as it glides over the dermis. I do a fair amount of work to keep my pores clear in other ways, but in areas like my nose and forehead that tend to produce more oil, a pass with this thing can turn up some serious grime. It’s so gross but so satisfying.”

“This exfoliator is said to be gentle enough for daily use, and I’ve found that to be true for me. Although I’ve backed off from using it every single day, I still love how clean and soft my face feels after use. The multitasking jojoba beads are small and smooth, so they aren’t at all harsh on the skin and also melt down to impart moisture instead of stripping the skin.”

“Mutha’s Body Butter and Body Oil are both heavily featured in my shower routine, so when the brand made its foray into skincare, I was instantly intrigued. It’s hard to make a face oil stand out among the countless options on the market, but this one does just that. It’s a plush mix of Tsubaki, watermelon, and jojoba seed oils that sinks into the skin quickly but still leaves it looking and feeling perfectly dewy.” Next: 20 Big Ticket Beauty Items I’ve Waited All Dang Year to Buy on Sale

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