Products to Swear By: These 8 Skincare Items Are Always in My Rotation

I don’t know if it’s just getting older, but as I live out the last year of my twenties, I finally feel as though I’ve nailed my skincare routine. I know I still need a retinol in the rotation, but I just haven’t settled on one yet. These eight products, however, are my tried and true, and I will never feel good about my skin without them. I don’t exfoliate every day, but the rest of the products get used in this order, day in, and day out. Keep scrolling for a bullet-proof skincare regimen.

First Aid Beauty isn’t the most affordable skincare line, but what matters is that I trust it for everything, especially when my skin is at its worst. This product cleans my skin so well; plus it’s gentle enough that I can use it for removing makeup.

Beauty director Caitie Schlisserman recommended this gommage exfoliator to me when I asked her for something gentle and effective. She really delivered, folks. I know it works because when I regularly use it (once or twice a week), it hardly has much dead skin to remove. Less fun, but the results are amazing.

I’ve been a huge fan of snail mucin essence for years. I’m confident it gives my skin a really healthy glow.

This is the eye cream for all my fellow dark-circled beauties. It’s a pretty penny, but it’s the only thing that really brightens and plumps my under eyes.

I don’t understand how this brand is so affordable, but I don’t ask questions when the solutions are this good. Whenever I have blemishes or redness, this product helps so much, but I honestly love using it every morning for the dewy glow it gives my skin.

Another FAB staple. The nice thing about using such dependable workhorses for cleansing and moisturizing is that, duh, they’re dependable, but they also provide such a solid, buildable foundation so you can work in other products that meet your specific needs.

The world already knows I swear by this sunscreen and this sunscreen only. Zinc is a must-have SPF ingredient, and using a tinted moisturizer just makes me feel more pulled-together and mature.

Another A-plus rec from my trusted Caitie. This lip balm seriously keeps my lips so plump, and I only need to apply it when I wake up and before I go to bed. Worth the price tag!

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