Psst—This Is My Low-Effort Trick for Styling My Super-Flat Hair

I don’t normally do much styling to my stick-straight hair, because it’s not very good at holding a curl or any kind of hairstyle for long periods, no matter how much hair spray I apply to it. Don’t get me wrong; I find it very convenient to have the type of hair that I have because I don’t really have to do much to tame it every day. It just kind of sits there, stick-straight. So I might brush it as I’m getting ready, but other than that, it’s low-maintenance, which is perfect for me because I’m pretty lazy when it comes to styling my hair.

The thing that sucks is that since it’s super straight, it’s very flat and doesn’t really do much. But because it’s not very good at holding curls or waves, I don’t love spending more than an hour on styling it because it seems like a waste of time. So I leave the heavy-duty styling for special events, but for the days or nights when I want to take things up just a notch, I turn to my personal favorite easy trick: hair rollers.

Ah, hair rollers. They may seem so old-school, but let me tell you, they’ll give you voluminous hair like no other. If you have flat, straight hair like I do, all you need to do is separate your strands and roll them up. It normally takes me less than 10 minutes to do it since my hair isn’t super long. Then I leave them on for 30 minutes to even an hour if I’ve really got time. After that, just take the rollers out, give your hair a shake and run your fingers through it, apply some hair spray, and voilà: the big hair of your dreams.

The best part is it’s pretty much hands-off hairstyling. After you put on the rollers, you’re free to do your makeup, pick out an outfit, or whatever while you wait for them to work their magic. I find the multitasking helps me cut down on my getting-ready time, which is always a bonus.

As for the types of rollers I like, the classic Velcro, self-grip ones have always been my go-to for years—pretty much since I was 15. But there are a lot of other options out there, including hot rollers. Take a look at some options for hair rollers below, and get ready for the easiest styling experience of your life.

I have this set at home and love that it comes with 31 self-grip rollers of different sizes. The rollers always leave my hair bouncy and volumized—and the style normally lasts the whole night.

With these rollers, you’ll want to put them on when your hair is almost dry and then use a blow-dryer to set everything. 

Hot Tools’ set comes with 16 Velcro rollers in four different sizes: large, medium, small, and extra small.

Drybar’s self-grip rollers help you re-create that classic voluminous salon look at home. The six-piece set comes in large and medium sizes. Use them on your hair when it’s still warm from blow-drying.

The rollers in this set are designed to distribute and transfer heat optimally for long-lasting results. There are two different heat settings, so you can personalize them for your hair type. It also comes with a handy traveling case.

Conair’s 12-piece set contains four 1.75-inch super-jumbo rollers and eight 1.5-inch jumbo rollers. It also comes with 12 super clips to hold the hair in place. And best of all, they heat up in 85 seconds so you can get to styling quickly.

The ceramic rollers in this set are designed to generate far-infrared heat so you can style your hair faster. In addition to 20 hot rollers in three different sizes, there are also 20 butterfly clips and 20 color-coded metal clips included.

If you’re looking to bring your hot rollers on the go, try this compact kit. The 10 hot rollers come in two different sizes with J-clips for better hold and no creasing.

For bouncier curls, you can try foam rollers. This set from Conair contains 48 rollers that are comfortable enough to sleep in so you can wear them overnight and wake up to voluminous curls. You can use them on wet or dry hair.

Rod rollers are a great option for heat-less ringlets. This set has 16 pieces—eight medium-size ones and eight smaller-size ones.

Another option from Hot Tools, these soft foam rollers can be used overnight to set your hair.

If you want a larger foam option, try these one-inch rollers. You can make waves, retro curls, and even curl your bangs with these.

For the finishing touches on your hairstyle, you can’t go wrong with L’Oréal’s classic Elnett hair spray. It’s long-lasting and humidity-resistant, but it doesn’t leave your hair feeling hard or sticky.

This oil is great for detangling, conditioning, and protecting the hair from UV and heat damage. It also works as a de-frizzer.

You can use this styler as a primer before you put your hair in the rollers to add some hydration and shine. It’s also formulated to repair damage, protect against UV light and heat, fight frizz, and set and seal hairstyles.

You can use this hair spray on just about any hairstyle, especially if you’re setting your hair with rollers. It contains pro-vitamin B5, which thickens and builds volume. And it smells good, too, with scents of bergamot, wild fig, cedarwood, and tonka bean.

I love using this oil to add some extra shine to my hair. The lightweight formula is infused with moringa and sunflower-seed oils to moisturize and tame frizz and flyaways.

For those who want serious volume, you can add this spray to get there. It’s an OG favorite that absorbs oil and provides some lift at the roots. Next, 15 Easy, Adorable Hairstyles You Can Do With a Hair Clip

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