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Deciduous trees embarrassed by their nakedness,

Once pristine white snow, now grimy, overstays its welcome,

But still almost blots out the memory of a verdant world.

When will we see that again?

Wailing winter winds are gently nudged out of the way

By warmer, softer breezes

Carrying the aromatic scent of spring rain.

The sweet, fragrant perfume of freshly mowed grass

Delights my nostrils, but is disastrous

To people with seasonal allergies.

Winter sunshine teases with its brightness

Without accompanying warmth.

Spring sunshine provides warmth to nurture nature

While lingering longer until after dinner.

Melting ice and snow trickle to sewers

And slosh around in drains.

Icicles hanging from eaves snap and crackle

As they crash to the ground.

Soon green infant shoots emerge from the melting snow,

They are future purple or pink hyacinths or yellow daffodils.

Some will be tulips in red, yellow, pink, or purple.

Soil takes a long drink of melting snow

To encourage and support the growth process.

Returning robins chirp with joy and reminders

To carefully build those new nests

As some scout for twigs and winter fur brushed off dogs

To comfort their future hatchlings in the nest.

The world, so recently quiet and only brown and white

Explodes into a kaleidoscope of colors teeming with life and activity.

Spring brings human-produced sounds,

Lawn mowers, bush trimmers, and such

And sportscasters describing America’s favorite pastime.

“Swing and a miss!” about an opposing hitter

And “It’s outta here!” about the home team.

How lucky we are to live on this Goldilocks planet!

How remarkable that life is renewed for another year!

Life has been regenerated!

God and Mother Nature reward us with another chance to get it right!

Filled with gratitude and anticipation,

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Gail Linenberg is a teacher, writer and grandmother who lives in South Florida.

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