Spring Is Here: What to Put Away and What to Bring Out

With spring having (finally) officially started, it’s only logical that we put away our winter gear and free up some closet space for more warm weather-appropriate clothing. This is especially exciting for those of us who shall go unnamed but may or may not have a bit of an overflow situation going on in the wardrobe department of their NYC apartment and could use all the help with decluttering they can get. But I digress.

While a little spring cleaning is an obvious yes for everyone, what at times can be less than clear is which pieces you can carry over into the next season and which should go deep, deep into storage. As such, today, I’m bringing you this handy guide on what to stash away and what you can continue to wear well into spring and summer, based on my own experience. Just keep scrolling for all the details and, of course, shop my favorite spring-friendly picks.

Not only will you likely be way too hot in faux fur, but it also has a tendency to scream winter, which is the last thing you want to do in spring.

From tops to skirts to trenches, all things leather are a go for the season ahead. Plus, it’s much more lightweight than its furry counterpart.

While we love oversize scarves for fall and winter, we think it’s time to retire them in favor of some lighter choices. Your gloves and beanies can join them in storage too.

The mom-approved silk scarf works in any season. Wear it around your neck, on your wrist, or even as a belt. It’s also time to bust out those fun sunglasses you’ve been saving for a nice day and other light outfit additions like headbands and belts.  

Winter boots have a way of making an outfit feel very heavy, so as soon as they’re not needed anymore, they should be put away. Bonus: This will make your closet feel twice the size.

There’s a reason sneakers are the go-to casual shoes of the fashion set. They look as good as they are comfortable and can handle anything spring weather throws your way. Your sandals can all come back into the rotation now, too! 

Not only do you not need a puffer post-winter, but the oversize outerwear also tends to take up a lot of precious space in your closet. Time to put them in storage.

Blazers are versatile, easy to layer, and always a polished outfit addition.

If a sweater is too warm to wear on its own in spring, you can store it until next fall’s arrival.

Think thin turtlenecks, bodysuits, sweaters you can throw over your shoulders if needed, and, of course, cardigans.

Next, nine dress trends shopping experts are backing for summer.

This post was published previously and has since been updated.

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