The Incredibly Affordable Handbag Brands Celebrities Can’t Get Enough Of

What brand comes to mind if you think of the bags that have attained their it-status? Possibly one of the biggest myths in fashion is that the brands doling out the trendiest pieces are often the most pricey. Don’t get me wrong, I love luxury items like any other fashion girl, but I know some of the best accessories don’t have to be expensive. From affordable shoe brands to clothing brands (beyond Zara), there are so many alternative labels out there creating quality pieces—Jw Pei happens to be one of those brands. Founded by husband and wife duo Yang Pei and Stephanie Li in 2016, the accessories line has blown up over the past few years. In part, the brand’s rise in popularity can be attributed to celebrities and trendsetters carrying its bags, but that’s not what makes buying into the brand worth the hype. This brand has built a cult status because of its fresh approach to design—they’re never afraid to shy away from incorporating trendy elements like saturated hues, faux fur, and ruching. Each bag uses high-quality vegan leather and stays under the $200 price range. Basically, they’re giving the fashion guys and girlies what they want. But if you’re not sure about if the hype checks out or even which bag style you should buy first, don’t fret. Ahead, I’ve rounded up my personal ranking of the five best Jw Pei bags based on popularity, price, and how perfect the product is itself. You’ll want to secure these bags ASAP.

Before ranking the best bags from this affordable accessories label, I must take a moment to mention how this brand has been donned by everyone from Megan Fox to Emily Ratajkowski to our very own editors. Sometimes you need visible proof of how a brand has reached its it-status before you buy in. And now that you’ve seen it for yourself let us give you a rundown of the brand’s most popular styles…

You can’t roundup up the best bags from the brand Jw Pei without starting with their most viral style: the Gabbi Bag. I’ll never forget the first time I spoke with fellow editors about this bag and us predicting it would blow up. Since then, this bag spotted on style icons like Gigi Hadid and Hailey Bieber and has dominated the feeds of the fashion set. For anyone looking to buy their first Jw Pei bag, or unsure of what handbag, in general, will be a good buy, this is the bag for you. It not only has as much street credit as any other designer bag, but with supple vegan leather coming in 14 colorways and a mini-bag version, it’s the perfect little shoulder bag to add to any wardrobe.

This hue will go with everything. 

That’s hot. 

Ok, but how cute is the mini bag version? 

This color is drool-worthy. 

Ah, the maze bag. While this style has only been spotted on a few celebrities (like Anne Hathaway), this bag is nevertheless a masterpiece. I own it, along with a few other fellow editors, and I can not emphasize enough how high-quality it is. It’s possibly the softest vegan leather I’ve ever touched in my life, and the woven material gives off “rich” energy without the price tag. I think this is their most underrated bag and one of the best you can buy as it can be styled as a crossbody, clutch, or shoulder bag.

Tell me this is not the coolest bag you’ve ever seen.

The brand just dropped a faux suede version of their bag, and I’m unwell. 

Cobalt blue is one of my favorite colors for spring. 

Think about the handbag styles that never seem to disappear (the Fendi baguette, or the Hemés Birkin) beyond being luxury handbags their cultural relevance can be largely attributed not just celebrities or fashion lovers donning their bags, but television characters too. And if you needed further proof that Jw Pei has cemented itself into the zeitgeist as a must-shop brand, then look no further than HBO’s Gossip Girl reboot. In season one, episode two, Emily Alyn Lind playing Audrey Hope is carrying the Jw Pei Rattan Bag—a nod to not only how luxe these bags look, but this brand’s staying power.

This bag is so chic.

The green croc version of this bag didn’t need to go that hard. 

It even comes in a mini version! 

While Jw Pei has become beloved for their practical shoulder bags, that doesn’t mean the brand doesn’t know how to surprise and delight—case and point: the Fei bag.As a dedicated fan of mini bags, I can personally attest to how this shape not only satisfies my cravings for small-shaped accessories but is actually functional. Plus, it comes in 35 different colorways, has managed to dominate the last two seasons of fashion week street style, and has been spotted on Whitney Port and Bretman Rock. Basically, this bag is the next it-bag so you better secure it quickly. 

She’s perfect for a night on the town.

While the brand may be known for its vegan leathers, this knit bag is very much poppin’.

The gradient checkerboard versions of this bag are too good.

 Imagine wearing this with your go-to LBD. 

Last but certainly not least, possibly one of the most iconic bag styles Jw Pei released was their Eva shoulder bag. While the other styles have become a mainstay in celebrities’ and trendsetters’ closets, scrolling through social media, I immediately saw how this bag took off with women worldwide. This chic yet straightforward ‘90s-inspired shoulder bag is the embodiment of the brand’s appeal—it’s timeless with a dash of trendy and affordable enough for anyone to add to their collection.

This bag will never go out of style. 

A vegan ostrich bag in a saturated green hue? Yes, yes, yes. 


Peak aughts energy. 

If you’ve made it this far, you’ve hopefully realized that hands down, the hype around Jw Pei’s bags is not only real, but they have some of the best bags. And while I’ve rounded up some of the most popular styles based on how viral they’ve been on social media and with style icons. But the brand has so many great new accessories and even bolder ones worth shopping for, so don’t be afraid to branch out and buy a different bag style. No matter which Jw Pei bag you buy, you can rest assured it’s well worth the money.

She’s perfect.

The chain strap on this crossbody gives me the chills.

It’s so luxe, I can’t handle it. 

It’s giving designer energy. 

Meet the perfect bag for traveling. 

I’m obsessed with the shape of this bag.

This posh shape is timeless.

The gradient on this bag goes hard.

The fun thing about this bag is that the ruched strap is expandable so that you can style it differently.

This bag will go with everything in your closet. 

The diagonal angle on this crossbody clutch is so crisp. 

A moment for the quilting on this bag. 

Nothing I love more in life than a colorful top-handle bag. 

This is too cute not to cop.

Perfect for when you need to carry your laptop with you.

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