The Most Important Handbag Trends of Summer 2021, Period

Summer is right around the corner and we’ve been busy getting you hyped up to start really dressing again. But no matter how many new dresses, shoes, or other accessories we present you with, slinging a fresh bag over your shoulder is still one of the quickest ways to level-up your look.

So what are the biggest bag trends that we can expect all the fashion girls slinging around their arms this summer? Luckily, there is a little something to suit every sartorial taste—from the revival of vintage Y2K carryalls and teeny tiny tote bags to soft teardrop-shaped bags and bold, bright hues—we’re crushing hard on these six styles below that are winning our hearts. Read on as we share the summer handbag trends set to dominate this warm-weather season.

Sorry for the pun, but saturated colors have really been coming in hot. As summer nears closer, colors are getting more and more intense with everything from electric yellow to lime to green to tangerine and a bright bag just happens to be one of the easiest ways to get in on the warm-weather vibe.

If we sound like a broken record at this point about the return of Y2K style, it’s because the redux is just coming back with such a vengeance. Prepare for all the nostalgia if you grew up in the late ’90s and early ’00s because fashion girls are carrying monogrammed Coach bags and all manner of logo-filled carryalls.

2-D bags popped up on the runways and immediately had our whole team chatting about them. With slim, barely-there profiles as the name suggests, these filing folder-inspired bags just feel so fresh and new but classic at the same time, if you know what I mean.

When we referred to shoulder bags in the past it was always about slim baguette bags, but there’s a new shape bubbling up and it’s all about a slouchier teardrop shape.

Belt bags took a bit of a hiatus there, but I’m pleased to report that they’re back in a remarkably fresh way. Think of a chain belt with a miniature compartment attached à la Chanel and Jacquemus.

If you looked at the bag collections of fashion girls everywhere you’d see one common theme: these small-scale structured stunners, which usually come in a top-handle shape and in an array of bright, candy-colored hues.

Speaking of summer, this is the vintage trend everyone will wear in the warmer months.

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