This Risqué New Trend Is Unpractical (No Underwear, No Bra), But I Still Love It

Any trend that shows a little skin is one thing, but tacking on the fact that in order to make this trend really work one has to forfeit all undergarments? Yeah, it’s a lot to process, but after scrolling through the images and products below, I am confident you’ll be turned. This risqué detail we’re highlighting today looks like cascading keyholes that are held together by the skin of their teeth. Beneath them? Nothing, of course, hence the necessary removal of all undergarments beforehand. Be it a button closure or a dainty thread, the main objective is to give off the look that your garment is busting at the seams, and considering the fact that you’ll likely not be wearing a bra or underwear should this happen, the look is quite jarring (in a good way).

That’s half the fun of this trend though, isn’t it? These peephole-like cutouts create a feeling of suspense as you initially lay eyes on them, but after a while, you’ll realize that’s the whole intention of the garment—to evoke curiosity, excitement, and if we’re being honest, a little bit of anxiety. As a wearer, I assure you that you have nothing to fear—this trend only looks like it’s about to break at the seams, but it surely won’t. Thanks to Marcia’s Instagram-friendly cutout dresses, Jacquemus’ famous diagonal button-closure sweater, With Jean’s kitschy cropped cardigans, and more, there is now a vast array of garments to choose from should you be interested in dabbling with this—fine, I’ll say it—unpractical new trend. While yes, I personally am a huge fan of this trend, celebrities and fashion have also taken a major liking to this revealing new detail, so we can only assume this is just the beginning of the trend’s lifecycle. 

After over a year of living in sweats and leggings, testing out a risqué trend doesn’t seem like the worst idea, and I have an inkling that some of you might even be craving it. Ahead, go on to see some of my personal favorite images featuring this new trend and shop the pieces you’ll need to get the look. 

This trend detail is particularly unexpected amongst this peppy print. 

If Dua Lipa wears it, you know it’s bound to blow up. 

If there is one thing I’m certain about in this world, it’s that this cardigan will make any outfit 10 times cooler. 

This skirt is a perfect example of why the whole “no underwear” thing is a must when dabbling with this trend. 

Add a little spice to your at-home loungewear attire with some peephole knitwear. 

Not that we’re going out and partying anymore, but if we were, this would make for the ultimate going-out dress. Instead, just wear it around your house to feel something. 

This top appears to be staying together by the skin of its teeth, but that’s why we love it. 

It doesn’t get much better than this barely-there cardigan. Paired with a colorful counterpart like the above, there’s no way you’ll escape the compliments. 

If baring it all isn’t really your style but this trend still intrigues you, try layering a keyhole-type top like this over a printed slip dress. 

While, yes, revealing, this is somehow simultaneously one of the most elegant tops I’ve seen in a while. 

It really doesn’t get much hotter than this. 

I have no doubt that come spring, you’ll see this adorable top all over your Instagram feeds. (Yes, even more than you already have.) 

I’m sorry, but it really doesn’t get much hotter than this. One look at this photo and I was sold on all the above. 

This post was previously published and has since been updated.  Next up, shop the 26 trendy Amazon items that are both ugly and cute. 

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