We’re 8 Years Apart, Yet This Brightening Serum Visibly Improved Both Our Skin

I recently cleaned out my beauty closet (yes, I have a hallway closet stuffed with products instead of linens—everything is fine), and aside from being totally embarrassed by how much I’ve accumulated over the last few months, it dawned on me just how many products I’ve tried over the years. And yet, I’m still on the hunt for a serum that makes me say WOW. I want a product that gets a coveted spot on my vanity—something lightweight that helps make my skin look more youthful and radiant, even, smooth, and plump. I also want results in less than two weeks (because instant gratification). So when an opportunity presents itself to test a product with big claims, such as results will be seen in [insert any short amount of time], you can bet I’m going to do just that and take a co-worker along for the ride too. 

In this case, associate editor Aniyah Morinia was up for the job. She’s eight years my junior (it’s never too early to start focusing on anti-aging products!) and has different skin concerns and needs than I do, which makes this trial all the more interesting. Did it suit one of us more than the other? Target our areas of concern without irritating our skin? Well, we can both honestly confess after 10 days of using Algenist Blue Algae Vitamin C Skinclarity Brightening Serum ($72), we’ve got nothing but nice things to say and really happy skin to boot. Keep scrolling to see why we both can’t get enough of the lightweight formula. 

Before I get into our experiences, let me introduce you to the serum. It’s not your average vitamin C—it’s blue. That’s right, it’s Algenist’s very own vitamin C from spirulina, a blue-green algae with antioxidant properties that helps fight free radicals and brighten and even skin tone. It’s really powerful and has outperformed all other commonly used forms of vitamin c and vitamin C derivatives. It’s also made with patented Alguronic acid from algae that visibly targets fine lines and wrinkles, marine ferment to help smooth texture, and on top of that a triple-action moisturizing complex that helps maintain skin’s moisture levels. Long story short, this stuff is legit. It will leave your skin radiant, smooth, plump, and healthy in 10 days. Seriously. 

Whenever I start a new trial period, I go in hoping for the best but preparing for the worst. It’s my job to test products, but obviously, sometimes some things just don’t work well with my skin. I’d say my skin is normal-ish. It’s generally in good shape, but I do have some redness on my cheeks, around my nose, and above my eyebrows. Like many people, I also have some spots (I really should have listened to my parents when they said not to sunbathe for hours at a time) and dullness, so I’m always looking for ways to add a subtle glow to my complexion. Even though the serum targets fine lines and wrinkles, I was mostly hoping it’d help reduce the redness in my cheeks. And it delivered, my friends. Sure, it’s a subtle change (I only tested it for 10 days), but there’s a noticeable difference in my before and after pictures. I was even shocked when I looked at them side by side. After cleansing, I applied two pumps to my face and neck morning and night and let it absorb for a few minutes before following up with a moisturizer. Though, I didn’t even feel like I needed it, honestly, because my skin felt so hydrated after using it. Also, it’s worth saying that I usually get turned off by products with a scent, but this has the most refreshing, invigorating smell. It totally woke me (and my skin) up whenever I slathered it on. All in all, I wasn’t expecting to love this serum as much as I do, but I can definitely see myself keeping it in my regular product lineup because if these are the results I got in such a short amount of time, I can’t even imagine what my skin will look like in a month!

“My biggest skin concerns are dark spots and dry patches. I’ve been dealing with both of these issues for years and find that they’ve stayed the same despite all of the changes that my skin has experienced. Don’t get me wrong—I really enjoy skincare as long as my routine stays under five steps. I hate the idea of having to do a 10-step routine before bed but love how my skin feels after I use all of my favorite products. I was honestly so surprised by how lightweight the serum is. Most of the serums I’ve tried feel heavy and make it difficult to pair with other products. But not this. It fits perfectly into my routine and feels great coupled with my moisturizer after. As someone with combination skin who leans more on the dry side, I was so impressed by how much more hydrated my skin felt, and I have fewer dry spots. All I need is two pumps to feel confident enough to have a dewy and radiant look all while being makeup-free this summer.”

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