We’re Editing Our Closets by Tossing These 8 Items (and Adding These 9)

closet cleanout feels particularly relevant when there is a change in season. So as summer comes to a close and we transition into fall, we’ve been doing just that—editing our wardrobes. Essentially, we’ve been tossing items we’re not feeling as much into donation piles and, alternatively, noting the trend-forward items we’re interested in adding to our closets. Naturally, we wanted to share the process with you for a bit of autumn shopping inspiration.

Below, you’ll uncover a breakdown of the various items we’re ditching at the moment, along with the pieces that will probably make an appearance in our fall rotations. Here, we’re talking about everything from modern shoe silhouettes to sleek outerwear picks to of-the-moment knits. Intrigued? Keep scrolling for more. You just might feel inspired to add an item or two to your fall wardrobe as well.

“This fall, I’m looking to continue my mission to reduce excess in my wardrobe. I’ll focus on categories that for some reason usually escape a closet cleanout, such as the category of clothes that I call my ‘camping/yard work clothes.’ You know, the bottom-of-the-barrel, super-comfy clothes that you wouldn’t mind if they got ruined? In the past, I have saved them, even though they don’t reflect my style and I generally feel uncool and frumpy when I wear them. Also, I’ll mention here I don’t even go camping and don’t currently have a yard! A similar category that’s getting an unflinching examination is worn-out, semi-sentimental sleeping-T-shirts. Do I still really need my high school PE shirt? No, Kat, you don’t. “As for what I’m looking to add to my wardrobe, I don’t have any easy knit dresses that look put-together but feel cozy and comfortable. It’s a trend that comes back every fall, and this season, I will be prepared!”

“Even though it gets pretty cold where I live, I’m all about layering, so I just removed a big pile of super-thick, heavy sweaters from my closet. I never really wear them because they don’t fit under my coats. Plus, they’re too hot to be worn indoors, so they’re just taking up space. In their place, I’m investing in more thin sweaters that are still warm but don’t make me feel like I’m wearing an actual blanket.”

“While the majority of my wardrobe is actually thrifted, I still find that I’ll buy pieces with the intention of getting them tailored or saving them for a momentous occasion—but never actually wear them. This season will be all about shifting my perspective from holding onto pieces I might wear or think I want to wear to what I’m actually wearing and what’s missing from my wardrobe. After all, if I haven’t worn them in a year or mustered up the energy to take them to a tailor, there’s no reason to let them take up space. With that space, I’m hoping to invest in a good slip dress that I can wear at home or pair with my favorite leather trench, as it’s something I have yet to buy. And then I’ll be investing in a good pair of flat boots for the winter, as I own way too many heels that aren’t always the most practical.”

“While I’m not completely ditching my regular tanks and tees, I’ve recently been feeling inspired to wear reinvented versions of them. Tops with structured, padded shoulders or tanks with a one-shoulder silhouette and an open back make me feel like I’m having a little more fun with my outfits, even if they’re built around basics.”

“This year has really made me double down on those classic pieces in my wardrobe that I can wear over and over again, so I’m ready to ditch a lot of really specific and not very versatile items. First up are several pairs of ankle boots—I can think of a white leather pair in particular that I probably only wore once. Instead, I’m eyeing black knee-high boots, especially ones with a low heel, since they’re ultimately timeless and will be in my closet for years.”

“I am donating my stiff, uncomfortable, corporate-y blazers, not only because of work-from-home life also because I prefer jackets with a bit more personality. I rely on jackets to dress up my jeans and tees, so I want something that adds some oomph to my outfit.”

“I’ve never been particularly fond of scarves, yet somehow I’ve collected an excessive number of basic, if not boring, styles that I never feel compelled to wear. I’m thinking I’ll finally part ways with them and invest in one cool scarf-cape hybrid that feels both on trend and functional for fall and winter.” 

“I’m parting ways with my super-fitted lightweight jackets this season. They’re often uncomfortable and hard to layer anything underneath other than a tee. Instead, I want to add a fresh oversize denim jacket to my wardrobe.”

This story was published at an earlier date and has since then been updated.

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