You Heard It Here First: I’m Declaring These 15 Spring H&M Pieces as the Best

My mom frantically called me the other day with a dilemma I’m sure a good amount of us are facing: The world is slowly opening up again, and we have nothing to wear. I mean, I haven’t really been into buying anything that can’t double as sleepwear for the past, well, year, so there are a lot of empty hangers in my closet. To assist with my mother’s request, I did my fashion-editor-daughter duty and jumped to my favorite fashion spot, H&M, to get a few ideas for her, as we share an affinity for extremely chic and affordable clothing.

Florals and prints jumped off the pages, but what my eyes were immediately drawn to was the assortment of neutrals, which just happens to be my mom’s and my absolute favorite. Not only are the dozens of ’90s-inspired pants, tops, dresses, and accessories ultra-chic, they’re also created with sustainably made materials like Agraloop BioFibre (fiber made from, wait for it, food-crop waste), organic linen, recycled nylon, Tencel Lyocell, and more. Keep scrolling to see the items I sent her that I’ve also already added to my cart for myself.

Made from recyled cotton, this is the perfect oversize top to tuck into your baggy or straight-leg jeans.

I want to fill my closet with voluminous styles, and this pretty dress designed with plant-based materials is the perfect start. 

How cool is this?

I have a major crush on this bag. The woven details, the chain… swoon. It’s just big enough for my lip gloss, cell, and wallet and will definitely be taken with me to my next patio happy hour.

I have dozens of blue jeans, so whenever I find a cute, affordable neutral pair I have to snatch it up. These jeans are made from recycled cotton, so I know I’ll feel really good about wearing them.

Sometimes all you need is an easy black tank.

And a cream one, of course.

I definitely plan to wear this with some gold chains for the ultimate mixed-metal look.

For someone who has more sunnies than they can count on two hands, I should not be considering these. But what can I say? They’re too cute not to add to my cart.

Majorly obsessed with this billowy detailing (and the fact that the materials are environmentally friendly). 

This reminds me of something I would’ve worn growing up in the ’90s, and I’m beyond here for it.

I didn’t think the perfect oversize spring blazer existed… until I saw this perfect one created with organic linen.

My secret to making an outfit look instantly chicer? Add some cool rings. 

My mom sent me this link because she thought I’d love it, and she was right.

She also knows my love for a good crop top, so I got this cute tiny tee texted to me as well.

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