YSL Bags 101: The Top Styles You’ll Have in Your Closet Forever

While many fashion trends come and go, there are some items that remain timeless no matter the season. If there could truly be one closet staple that fashion editors and stylists would recommend investing in, it would be a really great handbag—a YSL bag to be exact.

Yves Saint Laurent has been around since the ’60s, and the brand is known for its effortless, modern elegance with a sophisticated edge. Over the course of multiple decades, Saint Laurent has come out with staple handbags for every occasion. Through appointing different creative directors and dropping the “Yves” in a RTW rebrand, the continued cult-like following of YSL bags (the brand kept the “Y” for monogramming purposes) proves their quality, style, and demand for years to come. The luxury bag definitely comes with the matching price tag, but remember, this is a forever item. Now, let’s take a look at what YSL bags do best and break down exactly what you need to know before investing in this important wardrobe monument.

Each season, Saint Laurent will come out with new reiterations of its existing products. The basic Saint Laurent bag styles to consider for the utmost longevity are the famous Sac de Jour, the Loulou, the Sunset Bag, and the Shopping Tote. These are styles you will have in your closet forever (see below). 

The most important thing to consider when investing in a designer bag is to know the purpose it will have in your life. Do you prefer an everyday carryall? Then maybe the Sac de Jour is for you. If you’re one to throw your bag around and are a bit rougher, then you should probably steer toward the Sac de Jour duffle because it has a zip closure, organizational pockets, and canvas lining.

If you are one to keep your bag organized without the help of added pockets and compartments but need something more spacious to fit a laptop and gym clothes, then maybe the Shopping Tote is right for you. If you’re somebody who likes to show off for a night out, then consider the Classic Monogram Quilted Leather Shoulder Bag, the Loulou, or the Sunset Bag (which is most similar to the wallet on a chain). These differ slightly in depth and style, but they are all perfect for any night out.

If you’re still feeling overwhelmed with options, visit a store and bring everything you’d like to fit inside it. Make sure your accouterments fit comfortably with room to grow, just in case.

Before making this heavy fashion purchase (especially if it’s your first designer bag), it’s crucial to take your time. Do not make this an impulse buy. Investing in your wardrobe through designer items should be a well-thought-out and strategic process. Consider your lifestyle and how it will play well in your closet.

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